Only one day left…

Yep that’s right, only one day left of leave before I head back to work after SIX WEEKS of amazing time bonding with my wife and new daughter. I know it’s not  going to be easy but we all gotta pay the bills somehow now don’t we :o)

I like my job, I get to help young people in need. Its one step removed from being a youth worker, I don’t get to work directly with young people but I know that my work makes a difference in someones life however small it might be. There are seasons in life, and right now this job is part of my season… will I do it forever I doubt it, but I know that the experiences I have and the knowledge I gain will be used by God in my life for years to come. That’s the cool thing about God, nothing is wasted in His economy. All the experiences, life moments and even stuff ups He uses to shape the person I am and will become… mind blowing isn’t it?

Oh and for anyone who thinks that six weeks off with a new baby will give you plenty of time to get some projects done round the house, forget it!! I guess they will just have to wait… :o)


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