Life Coaching as a Business

I received a great question from Sandy in the comments to my first post, which asked; “Do I honestly think that there is a future in life coaching as a career…” my answer to that is YES!!

I thought I’d share my thoughts with you, the processes I’m planning to take to get my business up and running. I don’t have a Life Coaching business as yet, but I have experience in coaching people and in running a small business (video production) so this is a “learn as we go” kinda thing.

I want to point out that I wont be talking about “what Life Coaching is” in this post, I will post that later. I want to answer Sandy’s question here, so I’m assuming that you already know what coaching is.

Where do i begin?

Good question! Since Life Coaching is all about people I suggest that you read some books, do some study and spend time working and learning from people. Observe how people interact with each other, how they deal with problems, and what they talk/complain about. As a Life Coach we want to come along side people and help them to achieve, be it a personal issue, a work or life goal, to grow in skills or change a habit. Life Coaching is all about encouragement and motivation. Look around and tell me, do people today need encouragement and motivation?

Life Coaching = Profitable?

Yes I believe so. There is a huge market out there for people that would benefit from life coaching. As with any business you need to identify your key market areas. Research other Life Coaching businesses in your area, see what they do and who they help and see where they may be missing a target audience. If you can find a niche market and tap into it then there’s no telling how successful you may be.

In 10 minutes i was able to compile a list of people I felt could benefit from a Life Coach. Here are some examples:

  • Bosses in businesses – management skills, people skills, motivational skills
  • Students – how to manage time and priorities, help define short term goals to assist with study
  • People who want to lose weight – unbiased motivation and encouragement
  • job seeker/career change advice
  • how to be a better parent/husband/wife/friend/etc
  • building better relationships
  • etc

That’s just a short list! The possibilities are endless, but it will take work to identify and seek out these potential clients.

What should I do?

You need credibility. How do I get that having never done Life Coaching before? My advice is to take a course in Life Coaching, I’m looking to do a distance education certificate which will allow me to study at my own pace and fit it in around my life/work schedule.

Join Life Coaching associations. People want to see that you belong to something bigger than yourself. Being part of an association makes people feel more comfortable and you will also benefit from their mail-outs/emails/seminars etc.

Practice. Find someone you can coach for free, to hone your skills and work out the kind of questions you need to ask and answer as a coach. This will allow you to be most effective with you and your clients time once you start charging.

Get Support. That’s right YOU will need support as well. Most Life Coaches will have a coach themselves or at least someone independent who understands what they are trying to do. They will help keep you motivated and focused on your goals. Personally I am working with a friend who is also interested in life coaching, we are planning on starting our business together. We are both doing the same course as well.

Like anything worth doing, it takes time and effort. Unfortunately we cant just snap our fingers and have a successful business, we need to plan our route, set our goals and stay motivated. Life Coaching is something that I have wanted to do for at least two years now and it looks like it will be at least another year before I start practicing and even then I’ll still be working my current job. It takes time and patience but I believe that the rewards are worth the time and effort.

I hope you’ve found the information useful… please feel free to post comments and questions.

As mentioned above I hope to post soon about what Life Coaching is and why anyone will benefit from a Life Coach… so stay tuned :o)




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3 responses to “Life Coaching as a Business

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  2. Great article, it is really motivational. Life coaching business is profitable for sure, after all i love to hear by myself what all those coaches say.

  3. Hi, it’s good and inspiring to read this article. I have been struggling a lot and thinking about being a life coaching. I have been involving in ministry as a youth pastor for 8 years now, and seeing this opportunity also. Thanks for sharing this and hope we can connect each others. Love life live love.

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