Feeling old…

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re getting on a bit in years?

You tell yourself “I can still do that, I’m not that old, how hard can it be?” And then you realise that you ARE that old and maybe next time I better think twice before I participate?

I felt like that this week!

Last Saturday I thought that going to play paintball with some of the younger guys (and girls) I know was a great idea, and on Saturday IT WAS a great idea… it was on Sunday… Monday…Tuesday and even today that it wasn’t such a good idea!

If you’ve ever been paintballing its awesome fun, yeah you get bruised but that’s all part of being man isnt it, a few bruises give you status. I got some beauties, the best of which I’ve posted below. It was my quads that let me know first thing Sunday morning that at 29, there really is a big gap between me and the 18-20 year old guys (maybe I already knew that and was trying to prove a point ;o). I’ve only just started to walk like a normal person again and not some weird human/duck hybrid.

It was great fun, but I told my wife that maybe when I’m 30 I’ll be a bit old for paintball ;o)

Here’s my bruise, I figure its so ‘cool’ looking because it hit a particulary ‘fleshy’ part of my body… extra padding didnt do me much good ;o) 


Have you had a similar experience, feeling old well before your time?



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2 responses to “Feeling old…

  1. kalimansurf

    Yeahh .. nice hit 😛 I have one in the arm

  2. Dude, that’s a heck of a bruise! Ouch!

    Age is all in your brain 😉 There are days when my brain tells me I’m 18, and there are days when it tells me I’m 108 LOL. Either way…someone has to be the old fart/easy target when you’re playing these games….or so my kids tell me at Zone 3 anyway.

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