Ever been torn about something, a decision you need to make or not make? 

I feel like that at the moment about work. Earlier I posted about the changes happening and that I feel like its time to change. Today I had a chat with my boss and I dont know how I feel about it now… its the old ‘grass is greener or is it?’ kind of deal. My new area of work sounds interesting IF it works the way its supposed to, which is yet to be seen. Plus they will promote me (which was part of the reason for wanting to move on, not being kept at higher duties)

It’s such a tough decision to make. I’m struggling to find out what my true motives are for the percieved want to move. Is it because its time to or is it because I want convienence or I dont want the extra responsibility when you are no longer ‘new’ and expected to know stuff…

What do you do? How do you figure out what your bottom line motives are for a decision you need/don’t need to make? Would love to hear your thoughts…


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  1. All you have to do establish what you want from your life. Then study the result, and decide which course of action gets you closer to your picturesque view of the life you want.
    Now, the hard part is finding out just exactly what the bloody hell it is you want, feel and desire, the rest is easy, because once you establish what it is, where it is and how to get it, all you have to do is go and get it.
    For you it could be that being care-free and void of responsibility is most important, but you have to figure that one out yourself.
    Of course this may not apply to buying a loaf of bread but then, you never know, do you?

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