Home Alone

Well not quite like the movie, although I’ve been know to act like a kid on more than one occasion ;o)

Sam and Anabelle went for a trip up to Gympie in Queensland to visit Grandma and Grandpa Adams and to meet Anabelle’s great Nanna, Thelma who at 91 wasn’t able to travel down when Anabelle was born. They left on Tuesday and they get back today (Sat) and I’ve missed them! As you can imagine having not been apart since Anabelle’s birth the house is VERY quiet!

Sam said that Anabelle was a dream on the flight up, she slept for the entire hour and a bit. It’s nearly a 2 hour drive then from the Brisbane airport up to Gympie and Anabelle was a bit fussy but bearable by all accounts. Sam’s a little worried about the flight home. The 2 hour drive and then the flight might not be the best thing for Anabelle… at least at the end of it all she’ll be home and it always feels great to be home.

So what have I been doing at home alone? Surprisingly very little. I’ve been at work during the days and at night I’ve been watching the Olympics and working on my sermon for this weekend. I’ve also been cleaning the house… so yeah not much at all really!

I cant wait to pick them up from the airport tonight… I’m going to give them a huge hug and kiss, can’t wait!!!


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