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As promised, here is the post following my opportunity to speak (preach) at the church I serve at. It was a really good service, Michelle and I worked closely to make sure that the entire service honoured God and worked towards the message He had given me to present.  

It was the first time I wasn’t really nervous about speaking, and in retrospect it was all because of God. I knew that the message was what God wanted us as a church to hear that day and I’m so blessed and humbled that He used me to share His message. We provided an opportunity for people to respond to God at the end of the message and people came forward, in obedience to God, to offer themselves to Him. It was such a privilege to be there amongst them, praying together and offer our lives to God.

Its been an exciting week since then… God is really starting to stir things up at our church. I’ve had people speak to me about how God is working in their lives as a result of Sunday and we are beginning to see God reveal His will to us as the same ideas and direction are coming from so many different sources… it’s totally mind blowing!! I’m really excited to see what God has planned for us over the coming weeks and months.

I’ve included an mp3 of the message for anyone interested in listening to it and I’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve listened. (tip: right click and download the mp3 file if you’re having trouble streaming it)

I want to take this opportunity to make it clear that in no way do I take the credit for this message or for what God is doing. My sole purpose is to honour God and give Him the glory, and I’m humbled and privileged to think that God would choose to use a messed up guy like me…

Thank You God for Your amazing love and unending grace!


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