Planning/Structure vs. Heart/Passion

I was challenged today by a very close friend. They said something that made me stop and think about my life and how I do things. I wont go into all the details of the conversation here but the question I’m pondering as a result is this: “Is it possible that my emphasis on planning and structure is hiding my heart and passion?”

At first thought ‘planning & structre’ and ‘heart & passion’ seem complete opposites don’t they? Planning and structure by nature seems, controlled, logical and sequential while heart and passion gives us the impression of being emotional, wild and unrestrained. Is it possible that they can both work together to achieve something?

It made me think, I dont believe that being well planned and structured squashes my heart and passion, but I can understand how maybe my passion and heart may not clearly be seen through the plans, structures and guidelines that I produce. Somewhere alone the line I have to make my passion and heart known. I need to express the motives and ideas, the heart and passion, that has led to the development of these plans and structures. People need to know the reasons behind why we do something but they also need to see the heart and passion.

Heart and passion are infectious. We can all think of a time when we were encourage and excited because someone shared their passion and heart with us, and as a result we felt that we wanted to get some of what they have, or become a part of what they are doing. This led me to a new thought:

Plans and structure are only truly effective when the passion and drive they flow from is made known and shared.

Now that’s a bold statement isnt it? Do you agree/disagree with it?

That’s what I’ve learnt this past 48 hours… now I want to try it out, put it to the test and see how it works!

What about you… do you think passion and heart are key factors in planning and structure?


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One response to “Planning/Structure vs. Heart/Passion

  1. Oooh good question. I think it depends what your goals and desired outcomes are. If you are leading people and you want those plans and structures to achieve a specific, concrete end goal, then I don’t think it matters one way or the other. BUT if you are leading people and you have the dual purpose of acheiving a concrete goal as well as developing an ongoing concern and nurturing the hearts of your team…then I think they need to see your passion. I think that emotional connection allows them to develop some kind of ownership in the process, and in the end that will be more fulfilling for them.
    I think that passion and drive benefit from structure and plans in that the creativity and energy inherant in those two things are released and freed up to be utilised more readily if you don’t continunally have to think about the mechanics of how to do something, and invest your energy into the stuff that can be standardised.
    Good question!

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