Global Leadership Summit 08

I had the amazing privilege to attend the 2008 Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit last weekend and it was a huge blessing!

Each year through the Willow Creek Association the Summit is held for all those who lead in Christian ministry to come together and hear from some of the best leaders God has serving Him and His people from around the world. I went not really knowing what to expect but with an expectant heart that God would speak to me and I wasn’t disappointed. I learnt SO MUCH that I’m still processing it all.

For me the biggest encouragement was to know that there are others our there who believe that following God is an active choice and that God requires us to get out there and seek opportunities to serve Him and the community in order to share the Gospel. Something I have been struggling with is the propensity of Christians to choose to play it safe, to attend their safe churches not really wanting to get out into the community and make a difference for God because we are so comfortable with how things are. I was challenged as a leader that we have a huge responsibility to LEAD God’s people passionately in line with the things that God is passionate about. It’s God’s job to change the world not ours, all He requires of us is to get off our butts and get out there and lead His people in service.

Being passive is not an option in God’s Kingdom, regardless of your personal persuasion or personality type, God requires us to actively seek Him and then to seek the opportunities He has for us both individually and as His church.

If you get a chance to attend a Global Leadership Summit, take it you wont be disappointed but be ready for God to shake up your world!

I hope to post more in the coming weeks and months as God continues to teach me so stay tuned!


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