A Christmas Experiment

christmas-tree02I had the privilege of leading the Christmas Day service this year at church. I wanted to try something different, to move away from the usual and try something new, something that would connect with anyone who walked in the door that day, something that would share the truth about Christmas. So we tried an experiment.

The service was scripted to be one long dialogue with the congregation, one continual drama presentation if you will, but one that sought to involve the congregation as much as possible. So we set the stage up to look like a lounge room on Christmas morning and I was playing a dad who had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up Christmas morning. The premise was for the ‘service’ to be in three parts.

Part 1 looked at how we celebrate Christmas today, the food, family, tree, presents etc and the carols.
Part 2 asked how come all the carols we sing talk about Jesus and angels, shepherds and very little about trees, presents, food and the like.
Part 3 looked at why Jesus came and who he grew up to be, this was the spot our pastor gave his Christmas message.

It turned out to be one of the best Christmas day services we have ever had, with numerous personal thank yous and congratulations afterwards. All the comments confirmed that this was the right way to go, all of them saying how the service was so inclusive, fun and presented the facts of Christmas in a simple to understand way.

It took some convincing to get permission to do this kind of service and I’m hoping that this will help our cause in shifting what we do from week to week in order to connect with a community that has no connection with the church.

I thank God for the way He blesses us when we take a risk in faith in order to follow His command to reach those with the truth of the Gospel…


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