Making Tough Decisions

decisionsRecently I had to make a really tough decision. For the past 3 and a half years I’ve been serving as the Co-Worship Director with my friend Michelle  George at the church I attend. Worship is one of my passions and it’s also a very clear gifting God has given me to lead others into His presence through corporate worship. If you read my blog you will also know that I’m a strategic thinker and planner and believe very strongly that in order to best use the gifts, talents and resources God has given us we need to set Godly plans and goals. Not doing so, I believe, stops us from being as effective as we can in serving God and His people.

Over the last 18 months Michelle and I have met regularly with the leadership of the church to try and work through some of the sticky situations where we as worship directors differ from the leadership’s position and approach. Through this time we have had countless discussions, debates and questions and it’s been a real roller-coaster ride to be honest. Our issues stem from a difference in the way we believe leadership and ministry in the local church works. I’m not advocating that one way is better than the other, simply stating that our view and that of the leadership are almost polar opposites. We decided that in order to preserve the unity that already exists at our church and out of respect for our leaders we should step down from our roles in the worship ministry.

As you can imagine this was a very difficult decision to make but we are trusting God to lead us and the church through this difficult time. Our decision has some flow on effects and we would appreciate your prayers as the news of our decision becomes public.

God is faithful and He is teaching me through this hard time and I plan to post more as He leads me in the next stage of my journey. So keep coming back as I learn about how God works through the tough decisions we make.

As always I’m more than happy to answer questions or to chat with you about anything at all so please drop me a line


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