Wow Moments!


I’ve had two totally “WOW!!” days this week, you know the kind where in the midst of all the turmoil God speaks as clear as day and you can’t help but go “WOW!!” It would have been great if God had of shown me what was next for me, He didn’t, but I LOVE the way He’s taking care of me in this difficult time of my life.

Encouragement came through two blogs that I regularly read Swerve and Ragamuffin Soul. Swerve had a weeks worth of posts dedicated to the ‘seasons’ of life and ministry, talk about appropriate! I cant tell you how much these encouraged me this week!

The second was two posts on Ragamuffin Soul. The first about relevance and how we need to rethink how we as Christians (and the church) justify our actions becasue we are being ‘relevent’.

The second entitled Safety Jesus challenges us to think about how ‘safe’ we like to be in our lives and how Jesus never promised that following Him will be safe, in fact Jesus was pretty clear that its dangerous and risky, we are safe in His arms but if we’re living it ‘safe’ then we’re probably missing His will for us…

I’ll post more detailed thoughts on these soon, I wanted to keep my promise to keep you up to date with what I’m learning through this tough time in my life.



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