Praying God’s Will

hands 03During my usual routine of visiting blogs and reading posts I came across this post on a site I visit regularly. The author is doing a study of 1 John and this post address 1 John 5:15:

“And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him” (NAS).

The author raises some interesting points about prayer and if we know that God hears us then why don’t we ‘get’ what we ask for in prayer? I don’t want to rewrite the post’s points here I’ll let you read it for yourself but I do want to share what it made me think about my own prayer life.

The author suggests that too often we pray selfishly, asking God to do this and that for us rather than praying for God’s will to be done in our lives and the world around us. It’s an interesting shift in thinking isn’t it? If I’m honest when examining my prayer life I’d have to say that I too am guilty of asking God for what I think I need or what I think God wants for me, rather than praying for God’s will to be done in my life.

This led me to reflect on Jesus’ teaching on prayer. When asked how should we pray, Jesus gave us what we call The Lord’s Prayer. This is (I think) the only time that Jesus shows us how to pray so it stands to reason that this is how we should be praying right? Yet when I looked at my own prayer life, how far my prayers are from this example. Let’s look at The Lord’s Prayer:

“Our Father who art in heaven”
This acknowledges God as God, in heaven omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. Our Father, provider, protector

 “Hallowed be Your Name”
Worthy of all praise. We choose here to lift high His name in praise. Notice where praise comes in the sequence, right up front.

“You Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven”
Recognising God’s will is supreme and that we want to see it come to pass. We need to choose to see God’s will done over our own

 “Give us today our daily bread”
Asking the Lord to provide for our needs AFTER we’ve acknowledged who He is, praised Him and submitted to His will and to seeing it come. God’s will is for us to have what we need so this is praying within His will 

“Forgive us our sins”
God’s will is to forgive, we’re acknowledging our place before Him and publicly stating that we need Him to forgive us

“As we forgive those that sin against us”
Here we see the other side of forgiveness. God will forgive us ‘as we’ forgive others… its a two way street. Do we dare to say he wont forgive us if we don’t forgive others…?

“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”
God’s will is not to harm us. Note its not to ‘keep us safe’ God never promises a ‘safe’ life but His will is that we don’t fall  into temptation and He will deliver us if we submit to his will. We have free choice and we need to submit in order for Him to deliver us. It’s not a ‘get out of jail free’ card we cant do whatever we feel like and expect God to ‘rescue us’ when we get into strife

 “For the Kingdom, Power and Glory are Yours now and forever”
Reminding ourselves of the way we started, God is all powerful and His will is perfect. He was forever and will be forever. Our lives need to be lived for His Kingdom, by His Power and for His Glory…

I know that’s a fairly rough deconstruction but can you see my point? How often do we pray the way Jesus taught us to pray? How often are our prayers selfish and self seeking rather than praying within God’s will and seeking His will be done in our lives? Imagine what life would be like if we truly surrendered to God’s will?

This topic is too big for one post, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we should pray. How do you pray? Do you agree/disagree? Comment below!



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8 responses to “Praying God’s Will

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  2. I remember Francis Chan asking the questions, “Do you really want to know God’s Will?” It might freak out a lot of people if they really knew what God wanted of their lives.

    • Eddy

      Hi Peter, thanks for your comment!

      I’ve heard Francis Chan say a lot of challenging things and it’s an interesting question isn’t it?

      We like to keep God in our little safe box of who we want/like Him to be… asking Him to show us His will is a dangerous question to ask… will I want to follow it once I know what it is?

      Have you had an experience like this?

  3. Great post Ed. I love the way you’ve broken down the Lord’s Prayer as kind of a roadmap.

  4. Ed,

    A great post and thought provoking. I know that my prayer life is young and developing. I often ask for God’s will for me to be known and clear!

    But of course nothing is clear, but it comes to me in different, sometimes small ways or things happen, or someone says something, or I read something, which provokes me to realise that in fact, God is active and interested in me and what I do, say, think or feel.

    The Break down of the Lord’s Prayer is useful and a good tool for prayer in itself.

  5. Eddy

    Thanks Michelle and Ernest for your comments. I found that breaking down the Lords Prayer made it so much more real for me. I’ve been reciting this prayer as long as I can remember and to be honest it got a bit routine and meaningless. Thinking and writing about it as I have has made me realise in a fresh new way the awesome teaching behind it… thanks God!

  6. everyone hi

    at 55yrs old

    Im asking this very guestion.
    I agree the answers are the little voice inside you;visit you friend.
    or something someone says to you;like you know your stuff;or you good at this you should go into it.
    it also maybe your passion ;clean;legal honest good passion;the gift god gave you.You can do 24 hrs a day AND NEVER GET TIRED DOING IT.that will help people.Not video games ;Not tv stuff.Any passionate good Gift you do that Energizes You! You never get tire learning or doing it but then you must put into action; through education or training So the Education matches Your Passion; then when thats Done God will present opportunities in accordance to his WILL.One leads to anouther.No I too am trying to find God’s will.
    If god this interview job is not your will ;do not let me get it.If its you will God then give this to me.
    in my life ; I need to change what I did for a living!!!
    So this question is ageless ;whether your 18 yrs old or 55 yrs old.The Our Father ;and Praying his will .
    Is better ;feels more right then what I have been doing.Also serving people in what you love to do;which is a gift {from God Almighty;God himself put inside you since you were small or you realize recently }You will have More energy doing it with enthusiasium people will feel from of you.So passionate pure gift you love to do plus education= opportunities God will show you;in accordance to His Will!You will be better then others because you lined up your passion-gift with education and asked God where he wants you;in his will.but stay humble ;never boast;and let others take notice of you.
    ps Keep praying what is God’s will everyday.Do not worry; Im right where you at.Trying to find God’s will too; to do His Will for rest of my life!!!!!
    May God bless You for seeking God’s face and GOD’S Will.
    It pleases God. God reveals each step to do only after you take the next step.God showed me to stop looking for the complete finished path.Just take one step at a time ;then He showeS the next step.He wants us to step out in faith.When we’ve completed a step ;and ask his will again;God shows us the next step.
    Many times;he speaks through people who are geniune;honest. or in the newspaper a job posted will just come out of the page ;stick out to you.or someone encourages you to take a course you love to research ABOUT and do.BE OPEN.sometimes its so obvious; we are too close minded to see it.
    Keep seeking God’s Will and His Face.It pleases Him

    • Eddy

      Hi Patricia

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing some of your story with us 🙂

      I’ll be praying that you will have the courage to continue to seek God for His will for your life. Keep in touch and let us know how you’re going!


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