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I tired something new last night… I attend a church service online. It’s the first time I had sat through this kind of service, I’ve heard about it a lot but never got round to actually ‘attending’ one. Regular readers of my blog would know that Sam and I are taking a bit of a break from regularly attending any one church at the moment. I’ve needed time to recover from being really over committed and following my decision to step out of my worship director role in order to continue to respect my Godly leaders.

Sam and I sat together and attended’s online campus last night. I have a lot of respect for Lifechurch’s senior pastor Craig Groeschel and I love his book “IT”. He’s someone who knows how to connect with God and how to share God with others. Living in Australia, the idea of online and campus churches is a new one but it seems to be the way forward in the US and around the world.

The basic idea is that instead of having a mega church in one location, churches plant local churches in their area and become a network or campus church of a particular group. These churches have their own campus pastors and ministries including worship teams, but the sermon is where things are different. The message for the day is preached live at one campus and then broadcast via satellite to all the other campuses meaning that everyone gets the same message at the same time no matter which campus they are attending. This allows a network of churches to share the same vision, goals and ideals yet have a wider reach than if they were all located in the same place.

It’s an interesting idea and Sam and I really appreciated that we could attend church together via the internet. All in all it was a great experience, the worship time was great and the message also. Being a Gen X and Gen Y we didn’t find attending church online weird at all and its something that I think we will do more often.

I’d love to know what it’s like to attend a campus church and have the message live on screen rather than a person on the stage… I’m really interested to know how it all works and what people’s experience has been attending these types of services…

Any one attend this type of service or visited online churches? I’d love to hear your experiences (good and bad) about it.



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  2. Ed,

    I am glad that you have found internet church. I belong to, which has a public site and a community site in the UK.

    We have a web Pastor, and members all over the world.

    Online worship is twice a week with occasional other types of services such as healing and wholeness.

    This complements my membership of my normal church and has been extremely helpful to me personally and I have been encouraged enormously by the sense of community and love within it.

    There is more than one way of doing church.

    • Eddy

      Hi Ernest

      Thanks for your comment, I’m really interested to hear of other’s experiences of online church. I was also interested to hear that you attend a physical church and an online one… I dont think that too much church can be a bad thing… usually 😉

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  4. Eddy,

    I was amused by the comment of To Much Church!

    My participation with i-church is not just worship, it is also particpation in community on forums, blogging and on the public boards.

    There is lots to do, and all topics are discussed on the Boards and community forums, learning loads there and meeting some fantastic people.

    • Eddy

      Hi Ernest

      Yeah I love the reach online communities have. We can be so sheltered and self-focused in our little churches that we forget that there is a breadth and depth of knowledge out there waiting for us to discover. I would have never learn’t as much as I have if I wasn’t able to learn online 🙂

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