Church Online #2

Online01Yesterday I posted about my first online church expereince and since then I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I really enjoyed my online experience and as I mentioned in that post, online/network/campus churches are not very common in Australia yet. I know of a few places that have a few different campuses but none of them are  functioning as well as the ones in the USA seem to be.

It’s a new idea here in Australia so that’s one reason why I haven’t heard much about them. Another is that with Australia’s relatively small population and even smaller Christian demographic I think it would be quite hard to get people to cooperate in a network/campus style endeavour.

The whole idea makes a lot of sense to me, it seems smart to pool your resources in order to be as effective as possible in reaching others for Christ, discipling believers and sharing God’s love with those in our communities. Unfortunately history shows us that Christians don’t really like to work together all that much. We’re more interested in holding on to and building our little corners of the world, much to our detriment. The Gospel is for everyone, the whole world, and those of us entrusted to share that message are the very ones who keep it to ourselves and cant even share with fellow believers of different denominations… what kind of example is that? Alas I digress…

I’m really keen to explore this online/network/campus church idea, especailly in Australia. So this is a call out to all of you in the online world to help me out on my quest for knowledge 🙂

Here’s what I’d like to know from you:

Have you ever been or are you a part of an online church or network/campus church, especially in Australia

If you are can you share with me your expereince of how you find attending a church you know is part of a wider network of churches with the same vision purpose and goals?

If you attend online church, do you also attend a ‘physical’ church, why/why not?

Any leaders out there of an online/network/campus church how does serving differ from a traditional church (if any)?

Thanks everyone, I’m hoping to have a lot of comments to read



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8 responses to “Church Online #2

  1. Hi Eddy

    Saw your comments on Raggamufin Soul so came on over.

    I’m in Sydney, and I wouldn’t say I’m part of an online church campus, but I regularly take part in the services at Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, Oregon via their livestream ( as the worship pastor is a friend I met via blogging & twitter. He’s @inworship on Twitter.

    I’m also part of an online lifegroup which met the same way – all via blogging.

    My wife and I do this together (and we met online, years ago…before it was socially acceptable…haha) just as we’re part of our own local church together too in Sydney’s Inner West. It’s one thing to do church online, but we need to be affecting our local communities too.

    We spend the week at Hillsong Conf, so it was good to hear Craig Groeschel, since his church is based on web campuses.

    Would def be interested to see what you come up with here Eddy!

    • Eddy

      Hi David, nice to meet you!

      Thanks for your input. I totally agree that we need to make a difference in our communities, one way to do that is through a local church for sure, but are there other ways as well? I’m not for a moment saying we shouldn’t attend a local church I’m simply asking an open ended question 🙂

      You mention you’re part of an online lifegroup, are you part of an offline one as well?

      Thanks for the link, I’ll check them out!

      It’d be great to keep in touch, I’m planning to blog my results from this exercise so stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hey Dave

    I am taking over as Snr Pastor here at Christian Community Church Gold Coast in Feb 2010 & we have be partnering with for the last 12 months.

    I am not aware of any running One Church in Multiple Locations as do – however I am sure someone is doing it in some capacity. Even Hillsong to a degree with satellite campuses touch on this a little. It is our intention here at CCC to develop a similar model here in Australia. One Church in Multiple Locations.

    At present we run a experience every Sunday night using DVD teaching of Ps Craig & the LC team. At the same time we use church online as starting outreach point to at least start people on the journey of faith. Our aim is to try & run our Sunday night experience in line with church online in the not to distant future for great outreach impact. Our Australia team runs the back end of church online on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm & we are hoping to add other nights shortly. Jump online sometime & talk with Bryan Marsh our church online director.

    My experience so far at our church is that people do both, they come to our live experiences & they also serve on church online in live prayer, chat or technical help, or they invite a friend to try church online with them to start the journey. At LC we have online life groups & loads of other interaction and my discussions with people who attend them are that they experience often better community & accountability online.

    I hope that helps Dave – it is still early days for us but part of our mission at CCC is to be the representative of LC here in Australia so feel free to drop me a line if I can help further in the future.

    Bless ya heaps
    Ps Kev

  3. Hey Ed

    Just wanted to say sorry about calling you Dave – no idea where that came from!!

    Bless ya heaps
    Ps Kev

    If you ever want to call my mob is Ph 0422 855 077

    • Eddy

      Hi Kev

      Thanks for your comments, the info is really helpful, I’ll totally be in touch to ask more questions 🙂 (oh and no worries about calling me Dave ;-))

  4. Eddy,

    I attend, which is a Public Board, but I joined the Community last year. I was made most welcome and have now joined the Council.
    i-church was founded by the CofE Diocese of Oxford and with a Web Pastor with Oversight by the Bishop of Dorchester.

    It is a real welcoming community, which has done a great deal to help and to support me. We have a range of online services from Evening Prayer, through Celtic Worship to Healing and Wholeness.

    I also belong to a Parish in Canterbury, which I attend weekly or more. When I retire I will be in a Parish Placement for the next few months, to test a Vocation. The call is there, but needs to be fully discerned. The placement will involve me much more in Parish life, shadowing the Vicar and other Lay Ministers and being involved in Pastoral Care, which I start a 3 month course for in September.

    We have 5 churches in the Benefice, and I attend different ones, with traditions ranging from High Church to Broad Church to perhaps a little Evangelical.

    Membership of both provides a strong focus and support for my developing belief and growth in knowledge of the Bible and self knowledge, necessary for any form of vocation.

    I can only say that my experience has been wholly good, and I am sure that there are other communities out there, with similar communities.

    • Eddy

      Hi Ernest

      Thanks again for your contribution to this blog… I’ll be praying for you that God will reveal His will for your life 🙂

  5. I attended my first full online church service yesterday morning at and loved it. I was a little skeptical at first, I didn’t know how it might work in terms of me being able to worship sitting at a desk in front of the computer, but I was truly blown away by how powerful it is to truly worship with NO distractions. I was totally immersed in the presence of God. I was able to interact with the (literally) worldwide community that had gathered via a chat room, which was an unexpected bonus. God graciously gave me words of encouragement for a situation i find myself in through the message, and I came away from the whole experience feeling refreshed, uplifted and thirsty for more. I’m looking forward to experimenting with doing this regularly in conjunction with face to face fellowship with fellow Jesus followers!

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