What music is God using to rock your world?

music noteI LOVE music! I love the feeling you get when you hear a really great song and your foot just starts to tap and it’s not long before you want to let loose and really enjoy the music. I’m a musician and I love to play music as well as listen to it.

Its widely acknowledged that music has an amazing way of connecting people to events, places, other people and of course to God. Ask anyone what they remember about a special occasion and more often than not they can tell you what song was playing at the time.

For example, I know that I had tears of joy in my eyes as my wife Samantha walked down the aisle to Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve on our wedding day, that right before our daughter Anabelle was born, as I was waiting to enter the operating theatre, Sweet Child of Mine was playing on the radio, and that Jesus Freak by DC Talk was playing when I made the decision to really give God 100% of my life when I was fifteen.

Music is such a powerful tool in connecting humans to God. The Bible is full of songs and music used by every day people to express themselves and connect with God. Happy songs, sad songs, songs of victory, celebration and lament. Music plays such a large role in our Christian lives, not only in our church services but in our day to day activities. Music allows us to connect with God, to remember His attributes and His character, to allow us to express our need, desire, love and devotion to Him and it teaches us the truths of scripture.

At the moment in my car I’m listening to the latest CD from Tim Hughes and God is using it to teach me and encourage me. Actually truth be told its really challenging me in the way I think and connect with God through music. It’s an interesting time and I’m really thankful for the new things I’m learning… but that’s for another post 🙂

So tell me blogosphere: what music is God using to rock your world right now and why?



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10 responses to “What music is God using to rock your world?

  1. I love hillsong united, their latest is amazing! and I think I have you to thank for introducing me to them :] I still love my ‘best friend’ CD. I love the Tim Hughes live album, it’s awesome! We’ve been doing lots of the songs [happy day, everything, consuming fire, and Jesus Saves, most recently] at my church lately which is fun :]

    • Eddy

      Hi Lorijo, thanks for being the first to comment 🙂
      There is such a wide range of music out there and as you well know in Australia we’re a bit limited in what worship music makes it to our shores. I’m hoping to get a really broad range of music styles, it’ll be awesome to see what music God is using to inspire and connect people around the world!

      So glad I could help to connect you with Hillsong United 😉

  2. Anything by Matt Kearney makes me pause and reflect.

    • Eddy

      Hi Robin and welcome to my blog!

      I haven’t heard of Matt Kearney I dont think (pretty sheltered here in Australia). Can you recommend any songs of his I should get hold of?

  3. I love it when a mainstream band has a song that nails biblical truth…my favourite at the moment is Nickelback’s “If today was your last day” …makes me stop and think about my priorities and what I allow to consume my activities and my brain power.

    • Eddy

      Yeah I totally love that too! It helps me to remember that God created music and He will use any and all of it for His glory!

  4. Okay I left a short answer intending to add some more of my current ‘favorites’ that I really connect with right now. Meredith Andrews, especially the song Show Me What It Means, and The New Song We Sing, Cindy Morgan (her new stuff especially) Kathryn Scott (writer of Hungry) I Belong. Anything by Kari Jobe, her voice brings peace. Phil Wickham is another good one you would probably like, I’ll be seeing him in concert tomorrow night along with Jars of Clay and This Beautiful Republic. Oh, and you would probably like MuteMath if you haven’t already. Fee is another band one to check out. And I agree with robin, Matt Kearney is awesome.

  5. Ed, check out verticalmusic.com, totally worth signing up for, and they don’t send emails, ever. it’s a great resource for getting new music, mp3’s and chord charts [pdf’s]. :] also worshiptogether.com it’s one step to bringing you out of the sheltered walls you speak of :]

  6. one more…newreleasetuesday.com

  7. I’m a liar. not one more ;] I just keep thinking of more!

    Jesus Culture: John Mark McMillan, Kim Walker
    and Worth Dying For.

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