The Church of Tomorrow

HomelessThe church of the 1990’s and early 2000’s made its name through the style of ‘worship’ it offered.  It learnt that people connect in ways other than just singing and listening. Interactive sermons, dramas, video, multimedia is what it presented.

The churches that did this well were the ones that forged the way and set the standard that others have followed. These churches were the ones that connected with the non-christian in a way they could understand. Their fresh approach brought people back to church and reintroduced the church as a real option for the 21 century.

The thing is that after nearly 20 years its old news, most churches have caught on and are doing this well… so what is going to set the church apart tomorrow? What will make people stand up and take notice of God and the church?

“The Church of tomorrow will not be known because of its worship style but by the way it helps the poor, marginalised, outcast, orphans and widows”

I’m not sure where I heard the above quote but it stopped me in my tracks… That is a powerful statement and if it’s true it will revolutionise the way we ‘do’ church and the impact we have on the world. 

I believe that the church of tomorrow will be defined by the way it ministers to the poor, the outcast, the orphan, widow and downtrodden. Social Justice is almost a dirty word in today’s churches. We know that we’re supposed to help those less fortunate than ourselves but somehow we think its ok to leave that job to other welfare agencies, I mean most of them are christian based right? We continue to build our own comfortable worlds where everything is ok because “God is in control” and we neglect the very people Jesus came to save. We forget that but for the grace of God our lives would be garbage, a mess, a wreck.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, hurting and broken… that’s our mission isn’t it? To share the Gospel of hope with a hurting world? As technology increases and the world becomes smaller and smaller, the more we are all aware of the atrocities of our planet. Social Justice is at the forefront of people’s minds… forget those in far away lands for a minute, what about those next door? The single mum who works three jobs to feed her children, the homeless, the unemployed, those with addictions and health issues… aren’t we called to minister to them?

Jesus said “whatever you do for the least of these, you do it for me”

I believe that the church of tomorrow will be defined by what it does to make a differnce in the community around it. If we want to continue to impact this world for Christ we need to get outside the comfy walls of our church, to seek those who are lost and to minister to their needs. We need to practice what we preach, we serve a God who is all about justice and restoration. We must display the love of Christ by our actions, its time to show that love by getting out there and making a difference…

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this subject, do you agree/disagree? Have I completely lost it? Let’s discuss!



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4 responses to “The Church of Tomorrow

  1. still thinking. not sure what i think yet…

  2. Eddy,

    I think that the quote is part of the answer. The Church of tomorrow is ‘us today’ thinking forward and acting on those thoughts!

    For my Part I feel called to ordained ministry, to work perhaps as a Deacon, rather than a Priest, the role which would be working with the very elements within my Parish – and afluent as we are, they exist among us, although ingnored or unnoticed by many.

    God willing I will fulfill this vocation.

  3. Living in a post modern world isn’t difficult if you are willing to realize that this is a post modern world.

    When I start seeing something different I get into a self delusional bind. Being authentic for me is the only considerate way to navigate life in the 21st century.

    In my 64 years of living I have seen a lot of changes come and go. I hope to see many more. The “boomers” are begining to retire and will be looking for a newer Outlook. It will, to say the least be interesting.

    Best to you all.


  4. Antonio

    Cuando nos vamos a dar cuenta, de que las iglesias no deben de existir,
    Y que la única iglesia no esta en los edificios de madera o piedra.
    Coge un leño o levanta una piedra y allí me encontraras.
    Tu Dios esta en todas partes, menos en esas iglesias, donde no se
    Comparte la palabra de Dios.

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