What is the Church?

My friend Michelle George is currently asking a series of questions on her blog as she writes about her current spiritual journey.

Her current question is one that I want to throw open to all of you who visit this blog. Michelle is asking “What is the Church?” and has suggested the following three ideas:

  1. The Church is a community of believers.
  2. The Church exists for the benefit of those not in the community of believers. Church is not about my needs or wants as a believer. It’s purpose is to meet the needs of those who are not yet a part of the community and to demonstrate God’s grace, acceptance and love to the world.
  3. The Church has a message that never changes, but understands that the method must change if it is going to fulfil its purpose. “If we are going to reach people no-one is reaching you have to do something no-one else is doing.”

You can read her post here and I’d love for you to be part of the discussion, either on her blog or on this one. You can read my thoughts in the comments on Michelle’s blog.

So please head over, read the post and comments and lets discuss!


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