180 Degree Thinking


“Don’t tell God how big your storm is; tell the storm how big your God is.”
dg4GRT @openarmsintl

“I’m trying to free your mind” Morpheus – The Matrix

 180 degree thinking!

This statement spoke volumes to me (thanks dg4G for the RT on twitter) and it stopped me in my tracks. How often do I get this wrong? How often do I complain to God about my circumstances when I should be viewing them through the lens of faith?

Too often I look at the situation I’m in as if it’s in control of my life. Whatever I’m facing seems to sway my thinking, I fool myself into thinking that this one problem is so big that it’s going to wreck my life! But shouldn’t I be letting God’s ways direct my path? Shouldn’t I be approaching these situations with God’s eyes and His mindset? Our God is bigger than any situation or circumstance and He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, with God for us who can be against us!

Oh that changes our lives when we get it!

We walk with God, He leads and guides us and He will see us through… we don’t need to let circumstances get the better of us, we need to face them with faith and confidence that God will lead us through them. They will still be hard, they will still hurt, but in the end facing them alone will never stack up to facing them with God…

It’s all about how we choose to think and how we choose to react.  Will we look at the world through the eyes of faith, trusting in our awesome God or will we choose go it alone and do it our way?

How do you view problems in your life? Do you see them as a pain, something that needs to be endured because that’s just what life is all about? Or do you see them as opportunities? Are they chances for you to learn and grow and come out the other side stronger for it?


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