Faith Like a Child

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It seems that I’m learning a lot from my daughter lately and I love it! God is using her life to speak and encourage me. Jesus said in Mark 10:14-15 that we need to have the faith of a child if we are to come to God. This got me thinking about what child-like faith looks like, how do I get it and how do I keep it?

I’m not saying that we need to revert to being children but there is something unique about the faith of a child that we can learn from. As I watch Anabelle learn and grow, two things leap out at me as examples of child like faith.

Children believe what you say

Anabelle trusts me because I’m her dad and she believes me without question. She knows that when I say I love her I mean it! She believes that when I tell her the oven is hot, or that the bin is not a fun place to play that I know what I’m talking about. And yes I often have to tell her many times as she learns, but in the end she learns that what I’m saying is true and trusts me.  When it comes to God, He’s asking us to take Him at His word, to believe what He says and that He knows best. Often we have to hear it from Him a few times before we ‘get it’ and trust Him

Trust leads to challenge

As children get older they continue to trust but they begin to question. They want to understand the reasons why they trust and believe what you have told them and as parents it’s our job to teach them how to learn. Our job is to teach them how to find answers to their questions, so they know why the oven is hot, why the bin is not a good place to play and the reasons why we love them.

 God wants us to learn and grow also. He’s designed us to ask questions and to seek knowledge and understanding. We need to remember however that as a finite being there is a limit to how much we can know and understand. There’s a place where our limited understanding ends and we have two choices: throw our hands in the air and say it’s all too hard and walk away, or trust in what we do know about God and leave the rest to faith, trusting God at His word.

I think Jesus uses the example of having faith like a child because of it’s simplicity; seek understanding, ask questions, learn and grow and take God at His word, trust Him with your life and follow Him where He leads.

 What about you? Faith like a child, is it really as easy as that?



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3 responses to “Faith Like a Child

  1. Well said. I love it :] And I totally agree. But no, it’s not easy, because we aren’t children anymore, but we can have faith LIKE a child when we simply trust in our Sovereign Father.

  2. Eddy

    Hi Lori Jo

    Thanks for the comment!

    Trusting is the hard part sometimes isnt it? Despite all we know about God and how much our experience reminds us that He’s worth trusting, we just need a reminder that there’s no better way to live than to trust God.

    Love your new blog btw, very nice 🙂

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