How to Change the World…?


…one life at a time.

I was discussing with a good friend the other day ways in which we should be engaging the world with the Gospel message. It’s a given that in today’s world people don’t want to know what you have to say until they can see you living what you believe. People want authenticity; they want to know that what you do matches what you say. If we look for examples we see that Jesus was concerned with meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of people. Almost every account in the bible Jesus meets a need and speaks truth to people. If we’re to follow Jesus then we too must look to meet needs and speak truth, the two go hand in hand. 

Often we’re reluctant to engage people in our communities because getting involved with people can often be messy. We feel their hurt, we share their pain and often we are stretched in our faith, resources and emotions. Its hard work, it takes time and let’s be honest, it’s easier to just keep to ourselves, our agendas and our needs. 

Humans are all about relationships wouldn’t you agree? So it makes sense that the way to make a difference in our world is by building relationships. But how do we do that? How do we start to build relationships with those we don’t know or haven’t really met? 

There are a lot of courses and information on how to build relationships with people and most of them are really useful and offer great tools. But in the end that’s all they are, tools, and tools are no good if you don’t pick them up and use them. You can have all the tools in the world but if you never actually go and put yourself in situations where you can use them then they are useless. 

If you want to meet needs, help people and introduce them to Jesus, the first and most important step is to simply ‘go’. Training is great, but you can do that as you go. You don’t have to know everything, in fact saying that you don’t know can be very powerful if followed with, “let’s go find the answers together”. That there is discipleship and relationship all in one. 

Want to change the world? Then you have no option but to go and be salt and light to a hurting world. You don’t need all the answers, you only need a willing spirit and a desire to get in and get messy with those around you. 

How do you build relationships with people? Do you find it easy/difficult? What suggestions do you have, please share!

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4 responses to “How to Change the World…?

  1. Elissa

    When we look around at the world and see the sin, the depravity, the hurting of people it is easy to wave it off and in our limited humanity say, too hard.

    But God through His Holy Spirit lights a fire within us, causing us to ache to reach and help folk. We want to change the WHOLE world. We want them to all see the truth of Jesus. So do we stand on the corner block waving tracts, waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting soul, only to send them fleeing from the good intention crazy person. Maybe one of the recipients of the tracts may be ready to hear the truth and believe, so to that one soul, handing out the tracts did change the world…for that one person. But is there another way?

    The world isn’t “out there” in my opinion. It is right here. In our homes, in our neighbourhoods, at our work office. My opinion is made as a parent so I apologise if people reading this think that because they don’t have children I am saying they don’t have a mission field, they do, just not with children first.

    In the Collier home we live God first, family second, others third. Before we save the world we need to take care of our own backyard missionfield.

    If our family, our children are growing in truth and light we then look over the fence and see our neighbours. If we fail to see what is right under our noses and look beyond into the “world of unsaved souls” we miss as parents our God given mission. It has been said that the worst thing in the world is not the death of a child, nor is it a terrible divorce, nor is it the loss of a home nor is it becoming jobless. The worst thing in the world to happen to a parent is to lose a child to the world. How many Good God Fearing folk with hearts for sharing the Gospel of the Lord lose their children to drugs , materialism, and the religion of self first and only! These God fearing folk see the world and want to share the message with the unsaved people but allow their families to become second fiddle and sometimes even third or fourth fiddle to their MissionField! How many church ministers lose their children to the world because their main priorities were the Church, Bible Study, preparing sermons and attending meetings. How many Christian families lose their children to the world because work is more important, that meeting to go to is more important, their downtime, playtime is more important. How many children get deprioritised ( if that is even a word!!!) in their parent’s schedules. Then the parents wonder why they have no relationship with their children, why their children prefer the council of their peers instead of their God provided parents.

    Talking about relationships! In my opinion, and it may be unpopular in today’s world but I think before we even consider changing the world, we need to make sure FIRST that our home is safe from the prowling one ( he doesn’t deserve capitals!) and make sure our children are growing in the truth and the light of God.

    Having a strong string tied relationship with our children nurtures and encourages children to Be like their parents in their relationship with the Lord. It doesn’t create or make them Christians but it certainly draws them to HIM. While making others more important, perpetually pushing a child’s desire aside to be with the parent…not now darling I am on the phone…or computer….I am busy darling..It is this that cuts those precious fellowship strings till eventually the relationship is just dangling by a single cord of DNA.

    Giving our time, playing together, having fun together strengthens those strings of fellowship and the relationship grows strong and with it respect for a parent’s opinion and their understanding of their parents relationship with Jesus.

    When our home is in order and our children living in the word and living in the truth our next field will be given to us by God. Often it is RIGHT in front of us. The person at the next desk at work, the people at work we see each day for 8+ hours a day.

    Relationships develop through contact, first the shallow “how about that weather Bob” to “How’s the family going?” and eventually as communication develops, sharing increases from both sides trust also increases. Respect and trust is earned and an unspoken commitment of friendship is often forged.

    By this shall all men know that you are my disciples…..if Jesus is your best friend, if you live and breathe Jesus everyday, if you have Jesus’s peace in times of turmoil, if you care about people and love them with Jesus’ love then …”by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you love one another..”

    People will see this. It draws people to you. Each day as you step out the door to go to work, as you step into through the office door, as you sit down amongst the “world” pray and ask God to lead you to someone who needs Jesus. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead someone who needs HIM to you. Changing the world is a one person at a time job. Good thing there are so many of us Christians out there otherwise one may feel like they have to change the world all by themselves and this may just become a “too hard basket job…why bother” attitude.

    I had a wonderful opportunity many years ago when we were living in Albury/Wodonga to share the Gospel and watch a lovely dear friend come to know the Lord. We began our friendship like two ducks, one black and one white and the only two common factors were that we both homeschooled and we both were gals! After a while she began to ask one question….right as she was running out the door…( fleeing but wanting to know at the same time). Slowly I noticed the questions began to come towards the middle of the visit and finally she just asked questions about Jesus after she had just sat down. This woman was hungry for the truth but it was only over a period of 18 months that she finally found me a safe thing to be vunerable with and open her soul.

    Scarily towards the end of our posting she had a breast cancer scare. She was only 45 years old and was facing her own mortalilty. It was through this time that we were able to pray together and read the Bible together. She found the Lord for herself and this gal just glowed. It was wonderful to see the peace this beautiful woman had during this hard period in her life. Praise the Lord she is fine and is busy raising her family.

    Sadly though as we left a month later after her finding Jesus she didn’t have anyone to mentor her and she let go of our Lord. I failed to follow that up and put in place someone to “take over” her early days, weeks and months of her commitment, assuming the Church we were attending would take over and “keep an eye on her”. When I phoned the assistant minister’s wife who was also our fellow homeschooling friend she told me she just didn’t have time to follow my friend up and sadly my friend was forgotten and she pulled away from the church and the homeschooling group activities.

    So a lesson here is learnt in my opinion. That as wonderful as it is to finally be able to share the Gospel with someone and see them make a commitment. If there is no follow up, and the relationship dwindles as the person is “ticked off our to convert list” they may and not always, fall away.

    So back to the original question: How do I build a relationship with people….one day at a time and one shared moment at a time… slowly build up the building of trust one block at a time even if you are two different ducks!

    • Eddy

      Hi Elissa

      Thanks for your comment and all the insight, it was great to read!

      Relationships are the key in all areas of life aren’t they? In connecting with our kids, to helping those in need and sharing the gospel message. We need to earn the right to share the gospel, we need to be committed to serving others by meeting needs, just as Jesus did, and then we can speak Truth 🙂

      God bless you and your family

  2. How to build relationships?

    Serving beside someone is a great way to build a relationship. Go do a Habitat home or run a food drive together.

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