How Full is Your Bucket?

BucketThis post is part of the series on lessons from the GLS 2009

So tell me, how full is your bucket?

Some of you are wondering what am I on about, others of you are wondering what you bucket is supposed to be full of and maybe some of you know exactly what I’m about to say.

While attending the Global Leadership Summit I heard Bill Hybles ask the very same question, he asked us how full our buckets were and if we knew how to refill them. The bucket he was referring to contained the source of our energy, vitality, leadership, drive and influence. It’s the bucket that makes us feel like we’re running on rocket fuel or running on fumes and its level plays a huge role in how effective we are as leaders and influencers.

When the bucket is near the top we have energy to get the job done, nothing is too big a challenge and our enthusiasm is infectious, others catch the vision and are inspired to power ahead. When its near the bottom things seem too big and too hard, we become ineffective and we’re at risk of throwing in the towel. While we’d all love to be running on full all the time, the reality is that life drains the bucket, that’s just the way it is.

So if we want to continue to be effective we need to learn how to refill our bucket. Our bucket is filled by finding those things that make us feel alive, relaxed, rested, energised and excited. We need to do them at least weekly but preferably daily and we simply have to schedule them into our lives if we want to continue to be the best people we can be. They come in all shapes and forms, from hanging with people socially, spending time with that special someone or the kids or grand kids, playing sport, sleeping, reading, surfing the net or whatever you do that lets you relax and refill.

Personally I know the best way for me to recharge is down time by myself. Taking time to just play my guitar, or be alone in my study to read, reflect or even type posts :-). This fills my bucket and helps me to face whatever tomorrow will bring. If I don’t do this regularly then I become tired, ineffective and down right grumpy and that’s no good to anyone!

So again I ask, how full is your bucket? What do you need to do to refill, renew and stay effective?



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2 responses to “How Full is Your Bucket?

  1. I let my bucket get to within about an inch of being empty…I’ve found that taking a sabbath break each week to tie up loose ends for the previous week and focus on God’s purpose for the coming week, as well as listening to the Bible on audio really goes a long way towards filling my bucket. Cuddles with my boys (all three of em) also gets the filling happening nicely too. 🙂

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