God – The Master Economist


“Nothing is wasted in the economy of God.”

I know this phrase, I’ve heard it said a ton of times and I understand what it means on an intellectual level, but lately God’s been showing me what it means in reality and it’s blowing my mind!

If you’ve been a regular reader and been following my story you’ll know that over the last five years or so God has been shaking up my world. I left a job I loved as a pastor and took a job working for the government because I needed to provide for my family. I know it’s not a long-term position but it gets hard some days to come to work when I know that I’m called to be somewhere else. But God has been opening my eyes to see Him at work in all these things and I want to share that with you as both an encouragement to you and as a testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness!

Here’s what I found once I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took a few moments to look at what God was up to:

  • I was a youth pastor and God gave me a job working in the Office for Youth where I have the opportunity to influence how the government works with young Australians now and into the future, how awesome is that!
  • I miss being able to ‘pastor’ people but God is opening up opportunities for me to minister right where I am to people in need.
  • I’m learning how to connect with a huge range of people and realising just how insular I had become when only working for a church. This lesson I will take with me for the rest of my life!
  • I’ve learnt more about God’s will, goodness, mercy and grace in the last few years than I have in all the years before. I owe it all to being in a place of discomfort and feeling like I don’t fit.
  • God’s building into me right now the skills, traits and attitudes I’ll need to serve Him in the future!

Where I am now may be a stepping stone, but God is using all things to work for my good and I don’t want to miss it! So take heart, open your eyes and see what God is teaching you in the here and now, learn from it and use it to build your character so that you’ll be ready for whatever God has next for you.

Nothing is wasted in God’s economy!  What is God teaching you today?


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One response to “God – The Master Economist

  1. Hi Ed,

    It’s great to get to know you a bit through your site. I’m excited for you and all that God is teaching you through this time!

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