How Do You Make Tough Decisions?

questionI’d like your help and advice.

2010 is going to be a year of change for me and my family in many ways. Yes the past five years have been full of change but things are coming to a head and decisions need to be made for changes that need to take place come the new year.

How do you do it? How do you make life changing decisions that affect more people than just yourself? If it was just me, I could easily live with the results of my decisions, but when my decisions affect others, it makes it exponentially more difficult. I know that many people face this every day and so I’m asking for your advice.

I’d like to know, what’s your one piece of advice on making tough decisions while honouring God? How do you make the tough decisions and how do you deal with the fallout? Please lay it on me and help a me out



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6 responses to “How Do You Make Tough Decisions?

  1. Brad

    Hopefully when it comes down to it, you’ve got good, solid character so that tough decisions are not so tough. With sound character you are able to do what’s right and wise despite consequences.
    That being said, you cannot beat getting good advice from wise friends.

    Everyone knows that usually the right thing to do is not the easiest or the most popular, but standing firm on conviction whist still being open to council and not to high and mighty to say sorry is always the right place to start.

    If all else fails, pray and let peace be the judge!

  2. Eddy

    Hi Brad

    Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it!

  3. Big decisions…lots of prayer, preferably also with the others who’ll be affected.

    2010 will also be a huge year for us, but not because the previous X years haven’t been as well. But for some reason, my wife moving out to Australia seemed easier than us moving to Ireland. And maybe that’s because we’ve since created (or had created) a life for ourselves together here, and now we’re following an urge that’s been on our hearts for several years now to go to Ireland for a season.

    Very very hard. And even with the peace that eventually came that “yes, this was God’s voice”, the emotions & feelings remain a rollercoaster.

    So, one piece of advice throughout this : remember that feelings lie – they can be manipulated by satan to drive us from God. Choose to believe God (via His word, counsel, etc) and not the voices of doubt/confusion that will certainly be there.

    And be prepared for all of that to manifest in unexpected ways too – like more ill-health than usual. If you’re prepared, you can fight it head-on with your spiritual armour ready and waiting 🙂

    • Eddy

      Hi David

      Thanks for the insight bro, really appreciate your encouragement and support this year. I think I know what the decision needs to be, its something that has been brewing for a while now but still finding it hard to constantly trust that God has it all under control, I know He does I just need to stand firm in that truth.

      Will be praying for you and your wife as you make the big move, exciting times!

  4. Lot’s of prayer and counsel from godly people.

    Ultimately I look for a sense of God’s peace in the midst of the difficult decisions.

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