I Get Down and He Picks Me Up!

The last week has been a bit rough, lots of trying situations and a few disappointments left me feeling a little flat. I find it remarkable that in the midst of hard times is when I most often hear God speak. I’m thankful that He cares enough to encourage me when I’m feeling flat and struggling through the days.

Through a combination of sources God has been encouraging me to reconnect with Him on a regular and deeper basis. I was reminded of Jesus’ example of taking time out to be alone with God and if Jesus needed to do it then how much more do I!

I was also reminded about what it really means to surrender to God. Credit goes to Ron Edmondson for his timely post today from which I’ve borrowed the following:

Surrender is less about a formula and more about knowing the person of Christ.

Surrender is less about an action plan and more about devoting one’s self to Jesus.

Surrender is less about finding answers and more about obedience to His plan as He reveals it.

Surrender is less about solving a specific problem and more about creating a lifestyle of following Christ.

So be encouraged, God does care and does love you more than you can ever imagine. Thanks God for reminding me today!

What has God reminded you of lately? Please encourage us and share it below!


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