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A Time to Remember

As the year draws to a close and with the crazy that can at this time of the year,  I needed to stop and reflect upon this past year. It has been a year of joy and a year of struggle but all in all it has been a great year. As a family we have celebrated and remembered the lives of those we love. The first birthday of our daughter, the amazing achievements of our family members and the memory of the one who has gone Home.

Personally this year has been challenging and looking back through my posts I can see they reflect that. It’s been a year of tough decisions, a year of learning patience in the midst of confusion and a year of simply being diligent and doing my best in what God has laid before me. It hasn’t been easy, at times it has brought me to tears, but through the difficult has come growth, wisdom and understanding.

I’ve continued to learn that God is ever faithful, ever-loving and ever gracious. In the midst of trouble and uncertainty He has been my stronghold, my light and my life. I have learnt that trusting Him is the best thing I can ever do and I will continue to do so because He is faithful.

As I look back and reflect I can’t help but look to the future. The events of the past 12 months have begun to shape the next 12 in my life. More than ever I have sensed the call into full-time ministry and this coming year will allow me to continue to prepare for this calling.

We look forward to seeing our daughter continue to grow, learn and develop, to see her character grow and personality blossom. We embrace the opportunities we will have to build and strengthen our marriage and personally I look forward with eager anticipation to deepening my knowledge of the amazing and wonderful woman I’m married to.

We look forward to re-engaging with a local church and seeking opportunities to be God’s hands and feet to our community and our world. Most of all we look forward to another year of growing closer to God and learning how to fully devote our lives to Him, for nothing can ever separate us from His love and there is no better purpose in life than to know and love God.

Thank you to all of you who have visited this site, commented and contributed to the conversation. I truly appreciate and value your wisdom and advice and look forward to continuing the conversation in 2010.

May the God of all peace bless you and keep you. May you know the fullness of His mercy and love in 2010.




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If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that this year has been one of changes for our family. It’s also been a year of waiting to see what God has for us as we look to the future and where He wants us to be.

One of those situations was where I would be permanently employed. For the last 23 months I have been acting in a higher position at work. The salary level that came with meant that Sam didn’t have to go back to work and could be a full-time stay-at-home-mum which is what we both wanted. It was a test of faith for us to go month by month wondering if/when my acting may finish and we’d have to reassess our situation.

Last week, however I was successful in an open selection round and was promoted to my higher position permanently which is just fantastic! I feel really validated that my hard work and efforts have been recognised and its great to have this squared away before Christmas.

It really is true that God is faithful and worthy of our trust and praise. God ALWAYS provides for us, sometimes not as we expect but always with exactly what we need when we need it. It’s taken 12 months of trusting God for this job and He’s blessed us at the time of year when we remember the greatest gift of all – His Son born on earth so that we may be brought back into a relationship with God. It was at times tough, we did worry and our faith was stretched, but in the end we are better for it. Our faith is stronger and we know once again that God will always meet our needs.

Thank you to every one that was praying for us, we really appreciate it. We’re excited to see where God will lead us in 2010, we have some ideas and some interesting things we want to explore so stay tuned for un update in the new year.

Have a safe and blessed Christmas season, may you know afresh the reason for the season. May God bless you and keep you.



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When you’re self-centered, nobody can do anything right.

OUCH! These words hit me like a ton of bricks when I read them… in my quest for God and for a church home I’ve been far too self-centred.

I know all about church existing for God’s benefit and not our own, that serving God is a self-less pursuit and my desires usually need to take a back seat.. but am I too self-centred?

I know that deep down in my nature I’m quick to judge and more of a pessimist than an optimist, I find it easier to see the things I don’t like over those I do. It’s not pretty, I don’t like it and it’s something that I’m working on, but none the less it’s there and being aware of it is a plus right?

Is this the reason I haven’t wanted to attend church or look for a new one? Am I too critical, too quick to judge and not nearly quick enough to wait for God to speak to me about where He wants us to be?

I need to focus on Jesus, I need to fix my eyes again on who He is and who He is calling me to be. Only the transforming power of Jesus can change my inner most thoughts and desires and make me more like Him. I am a work in progress and I thank God that today He pointed out this flaw in me. It’s now my job to respond… 

God I repent of my self-centred ways, make me more like Jesus, more loving, caring, quick to listen and slow to judge. Lord please lead me in your ways, I surrender my life, my plans and my future to You, there is no better to lead my life. I am Yours I submit to You. 

Have you had to overcome self-centredness? How did you do it, work through it? I’d appreciate the encouragement!


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