When you’re self-centered, nobody can do anything right.

OUCH! These words hit me like a ton of bricks when I read them… in my quest for God and for a church home I’ve been far too self-centred.

I know all about church existing for God’s benefit and not our own, that serving God is a self-less pursuit and my desires usually need to take a back seat.. but am I too self-centred?

I know that deep down in my nature I’m quick to judge and more of a pessimist than an optimist, I find it easier to see the things I don’t like over those I do. It’s not pretty, I don’t like it and it’s something that I’m working on, but none the less it’s there and being aware of it is a plus right?

Is this the reason I haven’t wanted to attend church or look for a new one? Am I too critical, too quick to judge and not nearly quick enough to wait for God to speak to me about where He wants us to be?

I need to focus on Jesus, I need to fix my eyes again on who He is and who He is calling me to be. Only the transforming power of Jesus can change my inner most thoughts and desires and make me more like Him. I am a work in progress and I thank God that today He pointed out this flaw in me. It’s now my job to respond… 

God I repent of my self-centred ways, make me more like Jesus, more loving, caring, quick to listen and slow to judge. Lord please lead me in your ways, I surrender my life, my plans and my future to You, there is no better to lead my life. I am Yours I submit to You. 

Have you had to overcome self-centredness? How did you do it, work through it? I’d appreciate the encouragement!



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5 responses to “When you’re self-centered, nobody can do anything right.

  1. ‘Waiting for God to speak about where He wants us to be…’ I think that is the key for us all as we continue to seek to find our place in the imperfect environment of church life.
    I’m sure yourpost is a reflection of how many feel today The clash comes, I think when our dream of what church should be, clashes with what it actually is.
    Maybe we should let the dream go and accept that Jesus, by His grace has chosen to presence Himself with those who are at times fickle and feckless but who are nevertheless carriers of His treasure.
    And we must find what contribution our own treasure can make to ultimately bring glory to Jesus.

    • Eddy

      Thank you for your wise words quondampastor. I certianly find it hard when what we think church should be clashes with what it is in reality. But want do you do when you see that a church is clearly not utilising its potential but no one wants to listen or consider changing?

      Love to hear your thoughts!

      • Eddy, I think there are many courses a church may take to achieve its potential. The course ultimately chosen is set by the senior leader and elders as they consider the ‘flock of God’ in their care and as they feel led by God.
        You and I may have little influence in prescribing the details of that vision. To use a golfing term, we have to ‘play the ball where it lies’. But we can trust God to show us where we fit into the vision and values of the church and how we can utilise our potential to serve and glorify Christ with our gifts and talents.
        The key thing is to trust God, that you are where you are meant to be until He shows you otherwise and to pursue peace and unity in the meantime.
        Think about what you really do appreciate about the church you attend and focus on those things. Give yourself in love to serve in whatever way God shows and enjoy the blessings and rewards.

  2. We’re all intrinsically self-centred, but some of us struggle with it more for sure. I can often be the opposite but to an unhealthy degree…where I don’t focus on what I need at all and it’s all about others. Neither extreme is good.

    But you’ve got it totally right in needing to put the focus completely on Christ. He needs to be the centre of our lives, with everything else branching out from Him.

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