The Tithe Experiment

This post is part of the Tithe Experiment series

In late 2009, Samantha and I were deeply challenged about how much we trust God to provide for our every need. This year will bring considerable change to our lives (more on this later) and more than ever we’ll need to believe that God will provide for us.

It’s interesting that the first thing we think of in these situations is our finances. Will we have enough money to pay the rent and the bills? We should really tighten the budget, spend less, save more and make sure we have enough money to get by.

These are all wise things to do and we’ll be sitting down to go over the budget very soon, but there was one other thing that we knew we needed to do.

Through a series of events and what can only be the work of God, both Sam and I looked at each other and had one of those moments where you swear you’ve just read each other’s mind. In the midst of talking budgets, finances and change, we decided that what we actually needed to do is to give more.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? When you know things are going to get tighter the last thing you think of is giving more money away right? 

We havent been regular ‘givers’ over the last year, both giving to God’s work (called tithing) and to those in need and so decided that 2010 will be the year we put our faith to the test and give as much as we can. Sam and I believe that you can’t out-give God and that giving generously and trusting that God will provide is a huge part of authentically following God. When we give sacrificially God is honoured and He will give back to us so that we have everything we need.

So, we’ve set up an account where 10% of our gross income will go and be used to give regularly back to God. We will also keep a weekly journal of our giving, our needs and God’s provision, and will share that here on our blog as both an encouragement and a testament to God’s faithfulness.

It’s a bold move and a risky one, we can’t make God do anything or hold up His “end of the deal”, all we can do is trust that He is faithful and will take care of us and meet our needs just as He has promised (Matthew 6:25-34 The Bible).

So please journey with us, pray for us and share with us as we seek to follow God’s plan for our lives in 2010.

Ed & Sam



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4 responses to “The Tithe Experiment

  1. Awesome! God will honour this. It may not come when and how you expect, but He will.

    Step out and watch how He carries you through!

  2. That’s fantastic Ed. It will be exciting to watch your journey!

    • Eddy

      Thanks for your support Jeff! We’re really excited and really nervous about this year but cant wait to look back on it in December and see what God has done!

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