Tithe Journal #1

This post is part of the Tithe Experiment series
7 Jan 2010 – first payday of the year and the beginning of our ‘experiment’ of giving more and trusting God to provide for us. I set up the tithe account and our first payment should be in there by Monday. I get paid fortnightly (every two weeks) so we’ll be making payments twice a month.


$250 to tithe account


I need to find a car parking space in town that is secure and within our budget. I currently pay $30/w for the cheapest spaces but I have to get in super early just to get a spot. I’d really love a secure spot so I can spend more time at home in the morning with the family.

We’re looking for a bigger family car.  We have our eye on one but need to work out if we can afford it. That would mean getting a great trade in on our current car and good finance.

We’d really like to get part of our backyard landscaped for our daughter to play on. We havent had much rain in, oh say five years, and the yard is a dust bowl. Its going to cost about $5,000 to do.

I’m going back to school this year to complete my theology training and probably dropping back to four days a week at work. Add to that the tuition fees, rent, fuel, food etc, this year is going to be faith-filled for us!

We need to find a church home this year and attend regularly. This is a difficult decision for us and we really need some guidance from God.

We’d really appreciate your prayers and support and would love to share this journey with you so please keep in touch and let us know how we can pray for you as well.

God’s Provision

I’m currently in contact with an estate agent in town that has secure 24/7 access car spaces for rent in a nearby apartment building for $40/w!! I just visited a site and there it was and it looks like it’s just what I need. God you are awesome!!

8/1/10 This may sound trivial to you but today Sam stopped by the grocery store to pick up some more baby wipes. We usually buy them by the box (480 for $20) but today the store had another brand on clearance for $12. It’s not coincidence that Sam happened to be at the store at that time and get the last two bags, its God’s provision! Praise Him!



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2 responses to “Tithe Journal #1

  1. Ed –
    That’s awesome to read about God’s provision for you and your family. It sounds like it’s going to be an exciting year!

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