Put Your Faith Where Your Money Is

This post is part of the Tithe Experiment series  

Some of you may be asking why we’re doing this, why are we putting ourselves through the uncertainty and uncomfortableness that comes from giving more than it seems we can afford. The answer to that is not simple, but for us, it has to do with the “faith” we seem to place in money and security.

Having money and security is not a bad thing, but when we start to trust and draw comfort from them more than we do God we’re entering dangerous territory. 

Sam and I want to follow God, we want to follow His plan for our lives because we believe it’s far better than anything we could think up for ourselves. Money, security and possessions are all finite, they aren’t permanent and they will cease to exist, we can’t take any of it with us when we die.

God however is infinite, all-knowing, all loving and all-powerful. He exists beyond time and space and He knows what’s best for us. He’s not pushy or demanding, He never forces us to follow Him but waits for us to realise that His ways are the best ways. And that’s really what this is all about, we want to acknowledge that His ways are the best ways and we want to follow them.

For us that means we need to break free of the false trust we place in our finances and security because it’s getting in the way of us following God. Our desire is to see our lives changed, to completely trust in God, follow Him and serve Him in whatever capacity that might be. We believe this is what God is calling us to do, not only for our benefit but for the benefit of those that journey with us.

We believe that God will speak to others through our journey and our prayer is that you will be encouraged to place your trust solely in God, to know Him, serve Him and follow Him so that He may be glorified and many may turn to Him. 

Thank you for journeying with us, we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, encouragements, whatever – feel free to comment below.



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4 responses to “Put Your Faith Where Your Money Is

  1. Hey bro,

    I am not one to pour cold water on someone else’s enthusiasm but I fear you might end up disappointed. From where am standing, it does appear your motive for doing this is a bit selfish and wrong (I apologise if I am wrong). You want to hold God to ransom with your “tithing” and “sacrificial” giving and God can never be enslaved to any man because of their giving.

    To tell you the truth, it does seem a bit irresponsible to give more than you can afford in the hope that God will show up with a money rain because of your actions. Your first duty is to your family. God expects you to take care of the needs of your family first hence the bible states that for one to be a bishop, one has to be able to rule over one’s house first. Also, the bible says that he that does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel and has denied the faith. All these in plain English is “charity begins at home!” You can give to all and sundry after you have taken care of the needs of your family.

    To be honest, your actions does not show trust in God, it seems to suggest fear more than anything else. You seem scared to fail and rather than venture into business or investing, you’ve chosen a cautionary approach – “giving to God”. Being destitute does not in anyway show trust in God.

    Ponder on what I have just written and truly ask yourself why you are doing this.

    God bless.

  2. Eddy

    Hi Tony

    Thank you for your openness and honesty with your comment.

    I’m sorry if you got the impression that I’m somehow holding God to ransom because of our decision to give sacrificially. This is by no means the case and as I mentioned above we are on this journey becasue we (my family and I) need to break free of the false trust we place in our finances and security because it’s getting in the way of us following God.

    We dont expect anything from God in return other than for us as a family to grow closer to God as we seek to serve Him and become more like Jesus by putting behind us things that we know are getting in the way of us following Him.

    If you’ve had a chance to read some of our journal posts you’ll see that God is providing for us in some areas and in others we still have needs that may never be met, and we’re totally OK with that.

    We wont be disappointed because at the end of our journey we know that we will have moved closer to being the people God wants us to be. We dont expect nor really want a “super blessing” or “money rain” becasue we dont believe that is what God is about.

    Thank you for your concern for my family, it is truly appreciated. I’d like to say that I have and will never let my family go without because of decisions that I make. I am taking care of my family both by providing for them and by walking with them on this journey.

    Is fear a motivator, no. Does this journey freak me out, sometimes yes, it’s a hard thing to leave your comfort zone and trust God. We’re not radicals looking to hold God to ransom, we’re simply believers who, taking God at His word, want to honour Him by removing those things that keep us from truly following Him.


  3. Well I guess you have the right to live your life the way you see fit and you definitely do not owe anyone any explanations.

    However, I do find this journey of yours a bit unsettling. The more I read it the more I seem to hear – works! works!! works!!! I have never seen it in the bible where people give away everything so as to break free from the false trust in finances. It kind of reminds me of what the catholic monks used to do in those days when they punish and deny themselves of life’s little pleasures in a bid to get closer to God.

    Anyways, I wish you all the best.

    • Eddy

      I’m sorry you see it that way, if you knew me you’d know that it has nothing to do with works at all.

      God’s grace is sufficent for us, we don’t need to earn our way into God’s good books becasue He has already made the way open to us through faith. We are simply being obedient by offering every aspect of our lives to Him, for His leading and control.

      There are many accounts in the Bible where Jesus challenged people to lay aside what was getting in the way of them following Jesus (the rich young ruler for example was told to sell all he had becasue his ‘riches’ prevented him from following). We are simply looking at our lives and doing the same, working out what is getting in the way of us truly following Jesus and making changes.

      Right now its through tithing and sacrificial giving, becasue after all, Jesus gave everything He had for us. We’re giving the journey a year to see what we learn and how God teaches us through it, after that we dont know what’s next but we hope that if nothing else we will have learnt how to be more generous with what we have and more in tune with what we do and don’t really need in our lives.

      And as I mentioned before we’re not giving everything away, we’re simply making the choice to give more rather than use that money to buy ourselves some extra comfort we dont really need (do I really need those DVD’s or can I give that money to a homeless shelter instead etc).

      Too many comforts = too much reliance on ourselves and not enough on God. It makes us inward looking and selfish, not characteristics I want to have or that honour God.

      We also know that if we don’t put the money aside up front then we’re tempted to spend it on other things, which is why we’re doing things the way we are.

      Thanks for your challenging thoughts, it’s been good for me to think through this and articulate in more detail what we are doing and why.


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