Tithe Journal #2

This post is part of the Tithe Experiment series

Giving (21/01/10)

$250 to tithe account


10/01/10 Finding it hard not to doubt that God will provide all we need. Looking at the budget it’s so easy to worry about how we’ll get by. Faith often requires us to step forward without being able to see beyond the step right in front of us, it’s hard but necessary.  Fighting the urge to give a little less in order to feel more secure, please pray for us that we wont give in and will continue to trust God completely.

 16/10/10 Was reminded this last week that simply giving money isn’t the deal, we need to give our time and serve as well. That’s something we knew we needed to do but finding it hard when we don’t currently attend a specific church. We need to live lives that share the love of God, not just give money away. We need to find where God wants us to give, both our time and our money.

Another big news item for us is that we’re going to have another baby in August! We are SO excited and can’t wait for Anabelle to be a big sister. We need to trust God that He will continue to provide everything we need, especially with the extra costs of a baby.

As always we’d really appreciate your prayers and your comments/encouragements, please feel free to say hi!

God’s Provision

21/01/10 Today we saw God provide for us again. We needed some cash to get a tree removed from our yard as part of the landscaping project but didn’t have it. I had unused gym equipment for sale on the bulletin board at work that wasn’t getting any bites until today when a young guy called about it and came round and bought it! Right when we needed it, God provided, Awesome!

God encouraged me today to keep pursuing Him by giving me an opportunity to help a young youth pastor in the area. I was feeling really flat and discouraged about my future path in ministry but God used this to spark the flame again and encourage me to keep being faithful to His calling even when I can’t see the next step. That was a lesson I needed to learn, again! 😉



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4 responses to “Tithe Journal #2

  1. Awesome!

    And congrats on the new baby. August will be here in no time, as will the provision of resources you need 🙂

    • Eddy

      Thanks David, I’m finding that this is really opening my eyes to what it means to trust in God. Every week, daily even we see His provision and its incredible!

  2. Ed-

    It’s great to see God’s continued provision for you and your family.

    One of the things that I’ve struggled with is getting ahead of God, taking things into my own hands and not allowing Him the opportunity to provide. I think that if I would trust and wait a little longer, I would see more of God’s provision in my life.

    Thanks for being transparent with us.

    • Eddy

      Hi Jeff

      Thanks for your words of encouragement, I really do need to stop running ahead of God. He’s been teaching me patience these past few years, it’s something I always need more of 😉

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