The Soft, Gentle Voice of God

I was feeling really flat this morning, quite emotional and insecure. Some days life just gets to you, you know? I’m doing my best to follow God, seek Him and His plan for my life but sometimes its just tough going. I begin to doubt my calling, doubt that God knows what He’s doing. So many questions “when will I see the next step? When will God provide for us? Why am I stuck in this job when I want to be doing so much more?”

I needed to hear from God today  so I went to Examen.Me and it randomly chose an Old Testament passage for me.

The passage was Genesis 25:19-34 and this is what God spoke into my heart as I read and reflected on it:

Do not despise what I have placed in your heart, what I have given to you. It is right to want to be more than you are but you must first be who I am calling you to be… connect with me, trust in me and follow me. Don’t look too far ahead, do not try to predict what I will do, just trust that I will lead you, guide you and provide for you.

Don’t sell your birth right as Esau did, do not settle for the “food” of this world for it will not satisfy, but wait for Me, trust in Me, pray to Me and learn from Me, I will sustain you, I will raise you up and I will fulfil My promise to you…

I love how amazing God is, forever faithful to His promises and loves to speak into our lives.

Thank you God for speaking to me this morning, for responding to me as I cried out to You. May this blessing you have given me also bless others.



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7 responses to “The Soft, Gentle Voice of God

  1. “It is right to want to be more than you are but you must first be who I am calling you to be”

    We all need to hear that.

    Thanks Eddy 🙂

  2. 5kidswdisabilities

    Wonderful advice…don’t try to see too far ahead, just know that He is guiding us…
    Lindsey Petersen

    • Eddy

      Lindsey I visited your blog and it blew my mind! If anyone knows what it’s like to trust God and know He is in control, its you!

      Thank you for commenting here so that I can have the privilege of meeting you!

  3. For more on hearing the voice of God check out my experiences at
    be encouraged that He is hearing you.

  4. kevin

    if I could feel your joy I would be more apt to enjoy you more, for it is in the eye of me that I am seen unselfishly. it is in your affection that the most holy abounds his word to his creations, not by your reactions. does he that affects you, not effect you as well as esteemed, inspired but redeemed.
    be true to yourself and lie not to him that you may be blameless in his eyes, that you believe his words, that you understand his wisdom and feel his inspired love in your heart, listen to his voice in your own thoughts. reason is to cause as effect is to willingness.
    you are a true reflection of the very image of his love that he seen in you.Intend his intention, extend his reflection, that you put as much faith in your intentions, envision from the very well, his willingness, that these words are as his sword.
    do you sense the real ?.Imagine the power of the holy creators words, how thru them he could walk in your shoes. the great I am is.never let me be evil, nor will I.thank god in advance, envision your desire, put belief in the commandment of trust and all you will ask of him is made so by his decree.

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