Busted! – More life lessons from my daughter

Our 20 month old daughter Anabelle loves to run around the house making lots of noise, babbling away to herself and anyone else that will listen, so when all is quiet odds are she’s up to something 🙂

Yesterday I snuck down the hall to see why all was quiet. I wandered into our bedroom to see Anabelle playing with my CD/clock radio. She had the CD player open and was spinning the disc inside. I stood and watched her for a few seconds before I let out a deep daddy sounding “mmmmhmmmm”.

Anabelle’s reaction was priceless! As she heard my voice her whole body shook in surprise and she hurriedly closed the CD player and rushed to find something else to play with that she knew she was allowed to touch. Not finding anything (this was our room not hers) she spun round and gave me a cheeky little smile, which turned into a huge grin, and with the little “I’m so cute” tilt of the head, she said “hi daddy” and grinned even more.

That moment made my heart melt and I tried to hide the smile and laugh that had come over me from watching the proceedings, after all I had some discipline to do, a lesson to teach.

I picked Anabelle up  to my lap and asked if she was playing with something she knew she shouldn’t. She replied “yes daddy” and we spoke about how its wrong to touch things she knew she wasnt allowed to and how she needed to be a good girl and obey mummy and daddy. Anabelle replied with a cute little “ok daddy” we hugged and she went on her way.

It’s a beautiful story, I love my little girl and I also love the life lessons she teaches me.

It made me think about how often we as adults try to hide our indiscretions. We all do things we know we’re not supposed to, things we’re not proud of and often these things cause pain to ourselves and to others.

While Anabelle’s “indiscretion” wasnt that big a deal, it still broke the bonds of trust between us. Anabelle needed to realise what she had done was wrong and we needed to restore that bond of trust.

And it’s the same for us as adults, no one likes to be wronged, taken advantage of or be untrustworthy, we have an obligation to forgive and to seek forgiveness. 

Honesty is the key to restoration.

So next time we get caught out doing something we know we’re not supposed to, rather than hurriedly look around for something to cover our tracks lets fess up, ask for forgiveness and begin the process of restoration.

What lessons have you learnt from children?



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4 responses to “Busted! – More life lessons from my daughter

  1. A real life lesson, which with Lent as the season, is timely and appropriate.

    How wonderful our our children.

  2. Great post!!

    Great visual!

    Thank you!

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