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Happy Birthday Anabelle!!

Dear Anabelle

Today is your 2nd Birthday!! It feels like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital – so tiny, so precious – and yet it also feels like a lifetime has passed as we’ve watched you learn and grow.

We wanted to do something special for you today to give you a surprise when you woke up so mum and I decorated the lounge after you went to bed. We hung the balloons and wrapped your presents hoping that in the morning you’d be surprised when you ran into the lounge.

It worked perfectly! You ran to the door and stopped in your tracks, asking “what’s this?” as mum and I shouted “Surprise! Happy Birthday!!” You ran straight for the balloons you LOVED them and we loved watching you squeal with delight.


Then, as if you had somehow read the script, you saw your presents and began to unwrap them –


a cash register

and a shopping cart – how awesome!!

Then it was back to playing with the balloons – can’t wait for your party on Saturday!!

Mum and I love you more than you will ever know, you have brought so much joy and love to our lives, these last two years have been such a blessing and we look forward to many more happy times to come.

We thank God every day for you our beautiful little girl, may you know His love, mercy and grace all the days of your life.

God bless you Anabelle

Love Dad and Mum xoxoxo


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The Trampoline and Number Two’s

Children are such a blessing aren’t they? Our daughter brings us so much joy as we learn how to raise her and she learns how to raise us 😉

Anabelle will be two years old on June 30, Sam and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

Our perception of time is a funny thing isnt it? It seems like only yesterday we held Anabelle in our arms for the first time and yet it seems like a lifetime ago that she was a newborn. She’s only two years old; I can’t imagine how this will feel when she’s twelve, sixteen or even twenty!

One of the things I love about being a dad is spending quality time playing with Anabelle, after all I’m just a big kid myself! We have a trampoline out the back that Anabelle LOVES. She’s so confident on it, loves to jump, spin, run and bounce for hours at a time. It brings us so much joy to see her play on it and beckon for us to join her.

I love my times on the weekends when I get to spend an hour or so having quality trampoline time with my daughter.

Now here’s the funny part. Somehow, in some weird way, we’ve discovered that Anabelle has a “connection” with the trampoline.

It’s something we simply can’t explain, maybe we need Fox Mulder to come and give us his opinion. Nevertheless we find it highly amusing, albeit a little inconvenient.

For some strange reason after about five minutes on the trampoline Anabelle does a number two!

Every time! No matter what time of day, or how many times she’s already been that day, without fail there it is!

I’m sure you can imagine how we first discovered this – just think about what you do on a trampoline and then the concept of the diaper – yep like dropping potato mash from the second floor onto the pavement!!

All is well again after a quick trip inside to change the diaper – after we either have to coax her to the opening in the safety net or I have to climb in and get her.

We have no explanation as to why this happens, we simply find it hilarious!!

Do you have a similar story about something weird your kids do that makes you laugh?


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A Change in Direction


Lately I’ve been wondering about my decisions for the future. Sure there are the ones about buying a house and investing for our retirement but the one I’ve been struggling with most is about my job, vocation, what I think I should be doing with my life. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m totally blessed to have my current job; the hours, flexibility and salary are perfect for our current stage in life, allowing me to spend time with our young family and for my wife to be a fulltime mum. My concern though is that I know in my heart that this isn’t the career path for me. Don’t get me wrong I could easily follow this career path, make a lot of money and live very comfortably but deep inside I know that I’d be missing out on what I’m meant to be. 

I know that I’m made to help people;  help them achieve, do better in life, be successful and live fulfilling lives.  That’s my passion, what makes me get up in the morning, what drives me and energises me. 

I’d always thought that I’d go back into ministry, to once again be a pastor, this is the last time I remember living my passion – but lately I’m not so sure. I’m not having a crisis of faith or anything like that, I’m just trying to make sense of some experiences I’ve had over the past month. 

My dilemma is that these experiences aren’t what I’m used to, they aren’t from the usual sources (the Bible, close Christian friends etc) they have all come from my non Christian colleagues and from work opportunities and I’m trying to work out how legitimate they are. 

Each experience (five over the last month) has suggested to me a shift in vocational direction, away from being a pastor towards something similar but not within a church setting. It’s something that’s been an option for me for a few years now but I need to work out if it’s God’s plan or mine. 

I’d love your advice. What do you do in these situations, how do you seek God to know if an opportunity is from Him?


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Cake and the World Cup

It’s World Cup Soccer time and what better way to celebrate than with cake… right?? 😉

At work we’ve caught World Cup fever with work teams being assigned World Cup Pools to follow, an office sweep, decorating competitions and themed morning teas and even a planned lunch. There are prizes for the work area whose team wins the Cup, has the best decorations and the individual whose team wins the sweep.

I’m optimistic with our work area’s pools, we’ve drawn

Group A: Mexico, South Africa, France, Uruguay
Group G: Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast, North Korea

There are some soccer powerhouses there so fingers crossed! In the sweep I’m pretty much sunk, I drew Greece – could be worse I could have drawn Australia! (I’m under no illusions as to my country’s (in)ability to play soccer at World Cup level!)

So what does this have to do with cake? My work team was on morning tea and my amazing wife pulled off this amazing cake!! Not only is the World Cup in South Africa but they are one of the teams in my pool so it was fitting that we represent.

It took about half an hour to decorate and thanks to some creative thinking by Sam we managed to keep all the sprinkles on between a yellow musk stick and some white chocolate raspberry bullets!

It’s almost Ace of Cakes worthy 😛 and it made for a great morning tea! Sam you are amazing and you never cease to amaze me, I love you!!  

Isn’t it great!?! What are you doing to celebrate the World Cup?


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