Cake and the World Cup

It’s World Cup Soccer time and what better way to celebrate than with cake… right?? 😉

At work we’ve caught World Cup fever with work teams being assigned World Cup Pools to follow, an office sweep, decorating competitions and themed morning teas and even a planned lunch. There are prizes for the work area whose team wins the Cup, has the best decorations and the individual whose team wins the sweep.

I’m optimistic with our work area’s pools, we’ve drawn

Group A: Mexico, South Africa, France, Uruguay
Group G: Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast, North Korea

There are some soccer powerhouses there so fingers crossed! In the sweep I’m pretty much sunk, I drew Greece – could be worse I could have drawn Australia! (I’m under no illusions as to my country’s (in)ability to play soccer at World Cup level!)

So what does this have to do with cake? My work team was on morning tea and my amazing wife pulled off this amazing cake!! Not only is the World Cup in South Africa but they are one of the teams in my pool so it was fitting that we represent.

It took about half an hour to decorate and thanks to some creative thinking by Sam we managed to keep all the sprinkles on between a yellow musk stick and some white chocolate raspberry bullets!

It’s almost Ace of Cakes worthy 😛 and it made for a great morning tea! Sam you are amazing and you never cease to amaze me, I love you!!  

Isn’t it great!?! What are you doing to celebrate the World Cup?



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5 responses to “Cake and the World Cup

  1. Looks like a great cake Ed! Haven’t been doing much to celebrate the World Cup just watching as much as I can. It’s great that all of the games are online. Good luck with your pool.

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  3. Eddy

    No worries Jeff, I like Germany as well to win the Cup – I even picked a 4-0 win over Australia 🙂

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