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The Purple Pirate Party: Anabelle turns Three!

About three months ago Sam asked Anabelle what she would like to do for her birthday party. Anabelle was adamant that it was to be a Purple Pirate Party, no princesses, no fairies and no teddy bear’s picnic, it was pirates or bust! (I’m pleased she picked pirates – I didn’t really fancy dressing up as a princess or fairy ;))

Anabelle was so excited about her party, every week she’d ask if this weekend was her party and everyone she met she asked if they were coming to her Purple Pirate Party, it was super cute! And finally the day arrived!

The weather was fitting for a pirate party, the sun came out early to defrost the yard and then the cloud and fog rolled in, fitting of any pirate crew slinking into port for mischief and mayhem.

Kids and adults were encouraged to come dressed as a pirate and the effort made was greatly appreciated!

We searched for buried treasure and sailed the high seas in our very own pirate ship! Captain Anabelle Joy had a blast with all her friends and family – it truly was an amazing day!

I’m so proud of Sam, she is one of the most creative people I know and this party’s success is all thanks to her. She made pirate bunting, pirate cupcakes, gingerbread pirates, and an amazing pirate treasure chest cake! The treasure hunt and pirate ship were amazing, thanks heaps to Dave, Dan and Tiff for helping us with the ship! It was a long time in the planning and it payed off for a wonderful Purple Pirate Party!

I can’t believe Anabelle is three already, it seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms the day she was born. We love you Anabelle, are so proud of you and look forward to many more years of fun, happiness and joy!

Our Pirate Family


Captain Anabelle Joy

Pirate Ship


Treasure Chest Cake


Pirate Food


Treasure Hunt




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Simply say “Hello”

On a resent flight with my family I was walking my nearly two-and-a-half year old daughter down the aisle to our seats. These days we select to sit in the very last row of the plane in an attempt to not annoy too many passengers when the kids are restless. 

As we were boarding, Anabelle was leading the way down the aisle and as she did so she was making a point of saying hello to every person she passed. Aside from being super cute I found it interesting to watch the reactions of our fellow passengers as Anabelle said hello. The general reaction was one of complete shock and surprise that someone actually said hello to them on an airplane! 

I don’t know about you but for me it seems that the standard etiquette on an airplane is to sit down, face forward and try not to bother anyone else around you – which includes saying hello. Of course we usually give a smile and the occasional ‘hi’ to those we’re sharing a row with, but overall we don’t talk to each other, the rule seems to be quite clear that you keep to yourself. And that’s fair enough I guess. 

However it was great to see Anabelle shake this all up simply by being a happy child that wanted to greet her fellow passengers. There were one or two who gave her a huge smile and bent down to talk to her. There were those that simply ignored her with a bothersome look on their face (the kind that says “oh great a kid on the flight, they better not be noisy…”). And then there were those that were totally taken by surprise and had to double take, “did I really hear someone say hello to me?” and by the time they turned around to see who it was, Anabelle had moved on to greeting the next person down the aisle. 

 It’s amazing how one simple gesture in a situation where it’s unexpected can make such a difference… It made the plane a nicer place even if only for a moment and made me wonder when the last time was that I had done something to brighten someone else’s day. 

It’s the little things, the simple things, that can make all the difference – when was the last time you said ‘hello’ and brightened someone’s day?


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Keep it simple – lessons from my children

I love my children, they bring so much joy into my life, I am truly grateful for them and so blessed to be a father.

Anabelle and Levi amaze me everyday – sometimes it’s the big things like learning to use the “big toilet” but most often it’s the little things, the everyday things that if you weren’t looking for them you’d surely miss them.

Anabelle is becoming a little girl in every sense of the word. She’s taken to toilet training like a star (and the credit goes to Sam who’s doing an amazing job ‘training’ Anabelle) and we couldn’t be more proud. I know that talk of bodily functions isn’t very PC but all you parents out there know what a big step this is in a child’s development so thank’s for indulging me 🙂

It’s also the little things that amaze me with Anabelle, her outlook on life is a constant reminder for me to keep things simple. Children are often carefree and easy going, Anabelle certainly is. It melts my heart every time, out of the blue she will say “I love you daddy” or “I love you mummy” and “I love you Levi” followed by a hug and a kiss – such a reminder about the simple things in life!

Levi is growing in leaps and bounds – he’s such a happy child, smiling and waving and loving life. He’s already showing signs of being a social little guy, he loves it when the room is full of people and doesn’t like being left to himself. He loves his sister, he’ll follow her around the room with his eyes, smiling and squealing as she goes about her play. You can tell he’s itching to be able to crawl around after her – he’ll be three months on Nov 2nd so a little while to go before the real fun begins!

So keep life simple, remember the simple pleasures and always take the time to enjoy the little things because before we know it they’re gone.

Here are some photos of Levi and Anabelle – I LOVE these two! 🙂

Anabelle in the flowers

I LOVE Levi’s expression here so priceless!! Yes Anabelle is quite “loud”

Helping mum bake 🙂

Smiles all round


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The Trampoline and Number Two’s

Children are such a blessing aren’t they? Our daughter brings us so much joy as we learn how to raise her and she learns how to raise us 😉

Anabelle will be two years old on June 30, Sam and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

Our perception of time is a funny thing isnt it? It seems like only yesterday we held Anabelle in our arms for the first time and yet it seems like a lifetime ago that she was a newborn. She’s only two years old; I can’t imagine how this will feel when she’s twelve, sixteen or even twenty!

One of the things I love about being a dad is spending quality time playing with Anabelle, after all I’m just a big kid myself! We have a trampoline out the back that Anabelle LOVES. She’s so confident on it, loves to jump, spin, run and bounce for hours at a time. It brings us so much joy to see her play on it and beckon for us to join her.

I love my times on the weekends when I get to spend an hour or so having quality trampoline time with my daughter.

Now here’s the funny part. Somehow, in some weird way, we’ve discovered that Anabelle has a “connection” with the trampoline.

It’s something we simply can’t explain, maybe we need Fox Mulder to come and give us his opinion. Nevertheless we find it highly amusing, albeit a little inconvenient.

For some strange reason after about five minutes on the trampoline Anabelle does a number two!

Every time! No matter what time of day, or how many times she’s already been that day, without fail there it is!

I’m sure you can imagine how we first discovered this – just think about what you do on a trampoline and then the concept of the diaper – yep like dropping potato mash from the second floor onto the pavement!!

All is well again after a quick trip inside to change the diaper – after we either have to coax her to the opening in the safety net or I have to climb in and get her.

We have no explanation as to why this happens, we simply find it hilarious!!

Do you have a similar story about something weird your kids do that makes you laugh?


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Cake and the World Cup

It’s World Cup Soccer time and what better way to celebrate than with cake… right?? 😉

At work we’ve caught World Cup fever with work teams being assigned World Cup Pools to follow, an office sweep, decorating competitions and themed morning teas and even a planned lunch. There are prizes for the work area whose team wins the Cup, has the best decorations and the individual whose team wins the sweep.

I’m optimistic with our work area’s pools, we’ve drawn

Group A: Mexico, South Africa, France, Uruguay
Group G: Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast, North Korea

There are some soccer powerhouses there so fingers crossed! In the sweep I’m pretty much sunk, I drew Greece – could be worse I could have drawn Australia! (I’m under no illusions as to my country’s (in)ability to play soccer at World Cup level!)

So what does this have to do with cake? My work team was on morning tea and my amazing wife pulled off this amazing cake!! Not only is the World Cup in South Africa but they are one of the teams in my pool so it was fitting that we represent.

It took about half an hour to decorate and thanks to some creative thinking by Sam we managed to keep all the sprinkles on between a yellow musk stick and some white chocolate raspberry bullets!

It’s almost Ace of Cakes worthy 😛 and it made for a great morning tea! Sam you are amazing and you never cease to amaze me, I love you!!  

Isn’t it great!?! What are you doing to celebrate the World Cup?


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A Battle of Wills

As a parent I know there are times when I have to stick to my guns, hold the line and not back down because, in the end, it will be better for my child – but sometimes it’s really hard!

About two weeks ago my wife and I decided it was time to transition our daughter, who’s nearly two, from her cot to her “big girl” bed.

With our second child due in August and after doing some research we decided that we needed to make the transition now so our daughter had time to adjust before number two arrived. To our surprise she took to the bed immediately, she loved it and didn’t think twice about the cot – awesome we both thought!

Of course being in a bed means she has more freedom to get up and out of bed when she feels like it. During the day this isn’t really a problem but the last few nights have been interesting. The first few nights she slept right through until 6:30am which for us is a sleep in given she usually wakes about 5:30am.

However the last two nights she’s felt the need to wake and come visit us at 4am proudly stating that it is now time to “play”. As you can imagine this is not greatly appreciated!

It’s been my task to take her back to bed as the tears begin to fall and she protests about going back to sleep. After about an hour or so of repeated trips to our room followed by immediate trips back to her bed with tears and cries in between, so far, she’s gone back to sleep.

We’re firm believers that repetition is the key to instilling learned behaviours in our daughter which is why we promptly take her back to her bed until she gets the message to stay there. We’ve even put a clock in her room and are teaching her that until it displays a six in the hour column it’s not time to get up (she already knows her numbers so she does understand what we mean). 

I wouldn’t say our daughter is particularly strong willed, she’s more than open to reasoning (even at this young age) but of course we need to remember how young she is and that we cant expect too much from her.

Nevertheless it’s a difficult battle of wills and as a parent it’s even more difficult to remember patience at 4am in the morning! We’re hoping that it doesn’t take too long for her to learn that night time is for sleeping not playing.

How about you, do you have an experience to share or any tips for teaching your child to stay in bed and sleep until a suitable time to wake up? I’d love to hear them!

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Friday Fun Post

For years he’d only glimpsed his surroundings through the small rectangular window. And now: to be outdoors—oh, to be outdoors! (Photo: Brigida Gonzalez; ArchDaily)

For years he’d only glimpsed his surroundings through the small rectangular window.
And now: to be outdoors—oh, to be outdoors!


I love a good laugh, this is from one of my favourite sites Unhappy Hipsters.

Have a great weekend!

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