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Making Changes in 2011

I’m excited about 2011!

This year I’m taking a risk, following my dream and stepping out to make things happen.

For a long time I’ve been seeking opportunities to live my passion, to do what I love and be able to make a living from it. I’ve decided that the time is now, if I’m going to be true to myself and true to my value of living an authentic life, then I need to challenge myself, confront my fear and step out and give this a red-hot go.

So, I give you Edwards Coaching!

Coaching, mentoring and facilitation have always been my passion and where a lot of my strengths are. I long to see people, businesses, churches and organisations living their lives to their fullest potential, excelling in what they do, and living with Purpose, Direction and Meaning.

Edwards Coaching is the result of over 12 years of experience helping people find purpose, direction and meaning and helping them to achieve their goals.

This is me, following my passion and seeking to make a difference in this world.

It’s exciting and its daunting, it’s a world full of unknowns but it’s one that I’m ready to embrace because I want to build the life I want to be living!

I’d really appreciate your support in this venture, please visit the website, pass on my details to your networks (twitter, Facebook, etc, I would REALLY appreciate this!) and let me know what you think! 

I’m more than happy to chat with anyone interested in reaching their goals or wanting facilitation or workshop services, the internet means nowhere in the world is out of reach and that’s exciting!

I’m especially interested in helping Churches and Not for Profits so please drop me a line so we can chat about how I can serve you. 

So this is my challenge for 2011, to work hard and follow my dream to establish my business helping others.

What are you going to achieve this year, what are your goals? Let’s share them and help each other to achieve them!


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Introducing my brother, Dan!

My brother Dan never ceases to amaze me! He is the most gentle and kind-hearted man I know, a fantastic brother and he is an AMAZING artist!

Right now he is having his final assessment for his honours year at the School of Art at the Australian National University. He specialises in textiles and has produced some fantastic pieces of work, been featured twice in newspaper articles and has won an international award with the American Tapestry Alliance (not bad for an Australian ;-)).

I wont attempt to explain his artistic process because I just can’t do it justice, but I know that he can take materials like fabric, paper and wool and turn them into incredible pieces of art –  just check out the photos for yourself.

All his artwork is for sale, if you’re interested leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with prices and availability. Did I mention that my brother is AMAZING!! 🙂


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Apologies and Inspiration

To say that life has been crazy over the last month is a huge understatement! Work has been full on but our report has finally been published so I’m hoping for less ten-hour days at the office. My apologies for being light on with the posts this past month, with things slowing down I plan to pick up on the regular contact.

I had the priviledge of attending the Global Leadership Summit last weekend and it was well worth it. This is my second year of being stretched, encouraged and simply astounded by the amazing things God is doing around the world and the blessing to be able to learn from those who have so much wisdom to pass on. I learnt enough for 100 posts, I’m working on scaling that down to the nuggets of truth for you all, so stay tuned!

Catch you in the next post!


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How Do You “Learn”?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people learn. I’m planning on going back to study next year and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow, but have to admit that I’m a little worried about how I’ll slot back into the studying mindset.

Whether we realise it or not we all have a preferred method of learning, a method that allows us to “get it” and make the best of our learning experience. I know that I have a particular preference for learning new things and wherever possible I try to follow that preference.

To put it simply there seems to be two basic ways to learn:

Learning by absorbing
At its simplest this is done through reading, discussion, lectures, usually the standard classroom setting. We “absorb” information from various sources and write a paper to show we have understood the lessons being taught. We tend to call this the University/College approach.

Learning by experiencing
At its simplest, learning by doing. A hands on approach, learning as you go, being shown how to do something and then applying new knowledge right away. We tend to call this the Vocational Education/Apprenticeship approach.

Both ways have their pros and cons, I’m certainly no expert on learning but for the purpose of this post those definitions are adequate. Both are proven ways to learn and grow, both have led countless numbers into successful careers and fulfilling lives.

However it seems to me that in Western culture we give preference to the University/College approach, we seem to place more value on learning through absorbing than learning through experience. There seems to be this almost subconcious belief that learning through experience is for those that arent smart enough or can’t cut it at learning by absorbing. Sure it’s not for everyone but we need to be careful that we dont place head knowledge above practical experience.

For example, its really important to know how to give CPR, to know all the techniques involved and the timing breaks between breaths and compressions. But if you’ve only read about CPR and never actually experienced giving it, even in practice, then you havent really got a well rounded knowledge of this life saving procedure. I’d like to suggest that simply knowing about something isnt enough, we need to also expereince it in order to have a well rounded and complete knowledge. There needs to be a balance between the two ways of learning otherwise we are in danger of not really knowing anything at all…

What do you think? Do you have a preferred learning “style”? Do you think we are unbalanced in our approach to learning?


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Patience the hard way #2

Samantha and I received the news we were waiting on yesterday and it wasn’t what we were hoping for. God has closed that particular door for us and to say we’re disappointed doesn’t really do it justice. It’s back to square one for us in seeking God and His direction for us as a family and to be honest it’s not a fun place to be in right now.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know my passion is to live an authentic ‘real’ life before God and people. That’s the reason I started this blog, to help me share my passion with the world and to learn all I can from others about being authentic. I know that God is calling me to serve Him in a vocational way, I’m just not sure where that is or in what capacity yet.

Based on my assessment of my gifts and skills I would love it to be in a leadership/Pastoral role, preferably in worship/music and/or with teenagers and young adults. I have a heart to lead well, to lead people in God’s will for us and to serve them by teaching and building them up to serve God with their whole lives. So far things have been pretty quiet on the way forward…so I  keep pushing on doors and waiting for God to lead me.

Recently all the doors have been closed on me, and while I know “God has a plan” and “it’s not His will” or “it’s not His timing” etc… it’s not very comforting at this moment in time. I’m disappointed and a bit frustrated and a little upset. I prayed for patience and, silly me, I think I expected God to teach it to me on my schedule, my timeline. According to me, I’ve waited long enough, according to God, I’m still behaving like a spoilt child wanting it all ‘now’ and He’s disciplining me for my own good.

Patience is hard, I’m really struggling with it right now and would love your help.  What have you found helpful, what has God taught you about patience?


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Learning Patience the Hard Way

God is teaching me to be patient and I really don’t like it 😉

It’s all my fault too, I prayed and asked Him to teach me patience and guess what, He took me seriously!

I’m waiting to hear some news that will mean a significant change for Samantha and I and the waiting is killing me! In today’s fast food, convenient store, mobile Internet and Twitter world where I want everything instantly I’ve forgotten that God is beyond space and time. A day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day for God (2 Peter 3:8) and He isn’t bound by my time frames or demands.

His will is paramount and as His child I need to learn to conform to it. God is Faithful and Just and He knows what’s best for us but He is also a gentleman and wont force His will upon us. God waits for us to respond to Him, He’s the perfect example of patience…

I know all of this and yet waiting still sucks! It’s really hard to submit to the will of God in our lives, we are so used to doing things ourselves and looking out for our needs and desires, waiting for God seems so against the flow.

And that’s the point isn’t it? God IS against the flow of this world, that is what makes Him so good, just, faithful and all the other things this world isn’t. God’s ways are the BEST ways and I’m finding that patience is the way He’s teaching me that truth. By taking the control factor out of my hands, He is teaching me to wait and trust, to rely on His goodness, mercy, grace and unchanging faithfulness because He knows what’s coming is going to be the best thing for me. I need to trust that God knows best and do all I can to resist the urge to take matters into my own hands and mess things up

Waiting is hard, patience isn’t easy but God uses it to shape us into the people He wants us to be.

Can you help me out? I’d love to hear what you have learnt about patience.


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Life Coaching 101

I promised about a week ago that I’d do a short post on what Life Coaching actually is. As you can appreciate I’ve been a little busy with work and Anabelle (just can’t keep away from that little cutie ;o) but I’ve found some time tonight while Sam watches So You Think You Can Dance and I’ve had just about enough of channel 7’s bias towards showing the Olympic Swimming events over anything else… I mean c’mon there is more to the OLYMPIC GAMES than swimming people!

Anyway I digress…

Life Coaching is all about helping people to achieve something they want. It’s about helping people think about what it is they really want out of life and helping them to realise their Vision and then helping them to set realistic goals that will lead them to achieving that Vision. It can be as little or as large as you like, the key of a Life Coach is to provide ‘coaching’ and support as you make your way towards your goals.

Why would I need a Life Coach?… That is an excellent question! Have you ever tried to make a change in your life, have it go great for 3-6 weeks and then the old habits come back and you dump the whole thing? This is where a Life Coach does their thing… we come along side you to encourage you and keep you acountable for reaching your goals. We can also help you to redefine your goals as your situation changes, life rarely goes to plan we all need to be flexible.

Ever had that feeling that something is just not right, but can never figure out what you need to do to fix it? That’s where a Life Coach can help you to identify the area(s) that’s bugging you and help you to grow as a person. Life is what we make of it! Sure we can sit around and let life happen to us or we can get out there and do what we want in life, achieve what we desire and get the most out of life that we can. A Life Coach’s job is to help you live a kick butt life, a life that you can be proud of!

Life Coaches are here to help you get that promotion, better that relationship, be a better person, lose those extra kilos or figure out what you want to do with your life. Life Coaches are here to support and encourage, our job is to help you SUCCEED!

As I mentioned in an eariler post, i’m working towards my own Life Coaching business. I’d love to hear from anyone who is a Life Coach or would like more info on being coached or just wants to have their 2 cents ;o) Fire away!


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