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Happy Birthday Anabelle!!

Dear Anabelle

Today is your 2nd Birthday!! It feels like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital – so tiny, so precious – and yet it also feels like a lifetime has passed as we’ve watched you learn and grow.

We wanted to do something special for you today to give you a surprise when you woke up so mum and I decorated the lounge after you went to bed. We hung the balloons and wrapped your presents hoping that in the morning you’d be surprised when you ran into the lounge.

It worked perfectly! You ran to the door and stopped in your tracks, asking “what’s this?” as mum and I shouted “Surprise! Happy Birthday!!” You ran straight for the balloons you LOVED them and we loved watching you squeal with delight.


Then, as if you had somehow read the script, you saw your presents and began to unwrap them –


a cash register

and a shopping cart – how awesome!!

Then it was back to playing with the balloons – can’t wait for your party on Saturday!!

Mum and I love you more than you will ever know, you have brought so much joy and love to our lives, these last two years have been such a blessing and we look forward to many more happy times to come.

We thank God every day for you our beautiful little girl, may you know His love, mercy and grace all the days of your life.

God bless you Anabelle

Love Dad and Mum xoxoxo


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